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Syb Unity Nettwerk - Source of Life / Mind Rider EP


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Artist: Syb Unity Nettwerk
Title: Mind Rider / Source of Life EP
Label: Aquarius
Date: 1995

1. Mind Rider (11:29)
2. Source of Life (11:01)

Kris Kylven is a stranger to nobody who frequents this forum. Responsible for the unparalleled dark goa trance epic Ultimate Experience (which was recently re-released with awesome updates) he obviously didn't start out that way. One of his other projects was Syb Unity Nettwerk which to be honest sounded a lot like UX. This is one of his earlier releases and boy does it show. Mind Rider flirts with the industrial side of things with crunchy guitars lurking in the background as goa leads roll in waves. Both tracks are very thin and monotonous to me with Source of Life being the most boring. The production is rather sparse to say the least, but this was 2 years before he gave us the Ultimate Experience. Far from his best work, but it does give a little idea where he was heading. Only for collectors and completionists.


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