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Modular synths!

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Anybody here into as well? I"m currently paying off my start up modular synth.


The gear will consist of:


TIptop Audio: All drum modules & 2 x Z3000 MKII


Pittsburgh Modular: 1 x Dual Index


Acidlabs: Autobot sequencer


Metasonix: R51


Frequency Central: Loop/Env (DruidADSR)


TouellSkouarn: Strakal Brulu


I found my Mini Moog & DSI Poly Evolver PE keyboards so limiting compared to modular/patch work. Unlimited sounds & the ability to build as I grow.


I've sold my Mini Moog, and my DSI PE Keyboard is almost gone. I'm considering and xOxbOx but not sure.


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Mine is slowly coming together. It has the doepfer DIY board with the Little Dieter panel, panther vacuume tube VCA. Still putting some of the bits together from kits. No power supply yet. Every now and then i put some money into it... its not super cheap thats for sure.


I came across the x0x-heart the other day. One of those in a panel would be excellent, or 2 or 3 of them. =P

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