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Electric Universe - Psystep EP


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Artist: Electric Universe

Title: Psystep EP

Label: Electric Universe Records

Date: October, 2012


1. Psystep

2. Under The Surface


"Lying just beneath the surface of the everyday, is a world we hardly recognize."


Boris Blenn is one of the greatest names in out genre. Jupiter 8000, Paradise Connection, Galaxy, Rainbow Spirit...all him. If there was ever a godfather, he could be it. Like a lot of masters that started out in the goa genre he has long since left that arena and now is firmly mired in the full-on swamp. That's not to say all he has released is pablum and forgettable. Remember Cosmic Experience? Superb stuff. His pairing with fellow old schooler Space Tribe as EsP has yielded quality results. But in a business that is what have you done for me lately his last effort Higher Modes was an impotent mess that had me wondering if aliens actually abducted the real Boris and replaced him with cucumber suffering from Down's Syndrome. I mean really you have to work hard to make music that bad.


So while I was doing a little EP shopping I came across this and dove in. He's earned that type of blind buy status from me and really, what are the odds that he would sh*t the bed again?


Not one to miss the latest trend he hops right on the step wagon (dub, psy, whatever) and that's how Psystep opens. But like all he does, it's grander and I think sounds pretty good. It's not long before he moves headlong into what he does best and that's create acidic mayhem. Pretty good mix of the two styles me thinks.


Under the Surface is pure EU power with acid storms and a bruising straight ahead demeanor. He's got a slightly annoying buildup, but it's mainly back to where he excels.


So I think this EP is validation that my theory on alien abduction is valid. While this still isn't Cosmic Universe, it's light years away from Lower Modes. Not essential, but it is good to know that he hasn't completely lost his ability to create upbeat music.






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