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Joomla upgrade 1.0 to 1.5/2.5 anyone can help?


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I have no idea if anyone here knows about this but I really need to upgrade urgently the website of DAT Records, it was created by a good friend of mine but unfortunately he has not the time now to help me and I need this done ASAP.

Beside the security issues I would like to implent a stable player to stream mixes, I have like 10 mixes from TheTreeTribe, a mix ready from Dj Solitare, a few from Neurotranmitter and of course there will be one from me but this can't happen unless someone would take one or two hours of his time and guide me through the update step by step.

Thanks in advance if anyone can help : )



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When I was in the stage of developing a site to sell bags I own, I decided for Wordpress and not Joomla for this very reason. Joomla is confused and confusing in comparison to WP. Ok, I don't know if this work this way for Joomla, but for WP, you have to save your DB, then upgrade it and refresh the site with the DB. As for the player, I am sure there are widgets for Joomla that do that. Make inquiries in Joomla communities, they;ll be more helpful.

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Sure that was the next move, I will try to inquire Joomla communities, still if there was an expert around here would have been neat :)

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