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Spectral Skunk - Bounced Story


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Artist: Spectral Skunk

Title: Bounced Story

Label: Shiva Space Technology

Date: June, 2006


1. Kalimist

2. Bounced Story

3. Nine Dimension

4. Beyond

5. Freaks

6. Doors of Perception

7. Logarithmic Reveal

8. Conciousness

9. Diffuse


"You know I just woke from a dream and you wouldn't like this type of dream, more like I walked into an alternate universe."


Yep an alternate universe where I have all the f*cking free time in the world and decide to review albums from a half a decade ago. Forget the fact that I have a pile of recent music to get to that has grown so tall it threatens to crush me. Meh, what are ya gonna do?


This is Beto Pampoch from Brazil who had his grand opening and grand closing in the same album. Shame too, because this thing isn't so bad. Yes it is full on, but it leans to the darker side of the cotton candy infested sh*t bricks that are churned out today. No build ups, not stopping and starting every 5 seconds. It's characterized by deep and rumbly basses and being undeniably moody,soaked with high tech and futuristic atmosphere. It can get samey at times, but he is quite competent at pulling you in with the breaks. To that effect, he also drops a dubby tune smack dab in the middle of things to break it up. The sound is very good and if there was a gripe that I had is that maybe the tracks went on a little long. That's like a death knell for full on. You don't need 5 minutes for a story that can be told in 2. Nonetheless, it comes out swinging and becomes another older album that I enjoyed revisiting.


Favorites? While none of the tracks were close to being standouts, it was a consistent effort. Bounced Story was especially digital and sinister and Freaks was a fairly good robotic rumbler. Doors of Perception though long was tasty indeed with the wrap around bass and contrasting higher tones.







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