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lsd.006-Atman Construct -Elysian Terraform

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liquidseed    1

Liquidseed Recordings is proud present to you a real gem ,the sixth release

Atman Construct - Elysian Terraform


"...In no fix'd place the happy souls reside. In groves we live, and lie on mossy beds, by crystal streams,

that murmur thro'

the meads: But pass yon easy hill, and thence descend; The path conducts you to your journey's end.”

This said, he led them up the mountain's brow,And shews them all the shining fields below.

They wind the hill, and thro' the blissful meadows go.

— Virgil, Aeneid (6.641)


Atman Construct's debut EP. A trademark blend of unique sound-styles and erupting,

melodic sequences that reshape the mysterious landscape between psy, IDM and bass.


Artwork by Paul Sargent http://paulsargentillustration.blogspot.co.uk/

Mastered by Colin Bennun @ The Stooodio, UK - colin@oood.ne





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Rotwang    323

Great, love it.

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jayex    0

great epic sound journey..surprised!!! :blink:;)

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