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Artist: Lost Buddha

Title: The Blessed Eight EP

Label: Acid Chemical Plant Records

Date: April, 2012


1. Transphiguration

2. Spiral Rotation

3. Sand Castle

4. Eternal Life



The Buddha is back!


Well, actually he never left. Whether you want to call him Lost Buddha, Amithaba Buddha, or just plain ol' regular fat buddha it's all Filipe Santos, one of the greatest producers of goa trance in the modern era. Here he delivers a 4 track EP that stays true to the old school roots with nimble melodies and sunshine sprinkles. The twisting level is high as the melodies rain down on you like $ bills at a pro football players bachelor party. He slides a trancey non-stormer your way with Sand Castle but that just shows his versatility. Not my favorite as I find he is at his best when he pummels you with melody after melody.


Which is what you get with the other 3 tracks. He charges for this one, but just reach into your wallet and give it up. It's worth it. Besides, all the free stuff he has given away?


He's earned it.



Get it right here for only 4 Euro thingy's. You know you want it.



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Spiral Rotation, Transphiguration and Eternal Life are great tracks. Sand Castle didn't do anything for me. The only real complaint is the sound quality. It's a bit uneven, ranging from slightly overdriven/distorted on the masterbus on Spiral Rotation, to low and kind of flat and lacking in bass in others. It almost sounds like the tracks are from different years, because they have very different sound quality and volume levels. Which would have been remedied of course by proper mastering so that all the tracks would have had matching volume levels. However, it's not so bad as to destroying the overall experience. The tracks are great and make it worthwhile. A remaster in the future perhaps? B)

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