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Goasia - Unvisited Galaxies EP


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Artist: Goasia

Title: Unvisited Galaxies

Label: Spacedock

Date: May, 2012


1. Tribal Experience

2. Chemical Brain


"What it does is...reaches into your brain...chemically."



People ask me why I review Ep's so much. It's like junk food...gives you that quick burst of energy and who the hell has time to sit down and have a full meal. I've got kids and anyone who has kids will tell you that you can't turn your back for a second. The other day I'm rinsing dishes to put in the dishwasher and I look down and my 9 month old is holding a knife. I'm all for letting them explore there world, but she could hurt someone with that. Namely me. There is always something going on, so finding time to digest a whole album and then write a review is a time consuming experience. Remember when I reviewed that darkpsy/forest compilation and I said I was on the crapper? I wasn't kidding. You can lock the door of the crapper.


So Ep's are nice short dime bag of music, but unfortunately like potato chips, you cannot stop at one. So that's why I do it. What are you writing a book?


Balint Tihamer and Vladislav Radulovic have been at the forefront of goa trance since it came back with a vengeance. Their most recent album Dancing With the Blue Spirit had some excellent tracks where these gentlemen aren't afraid to take goa in different directions. This short 2 tracker is no exception. The cover lets you know that a space theme is in place. Tribal Experience has some tribal chants right in the beginning. I know, I didn't see that coming either. The melody is catchy and not threatening. The way Gremlins weren't threatening. Maybe a little scary, but you knew you could just kick them across the street. Oh and f*ck Gizmo, he started all that sh*t. Like they have done in the past, they meld psytrance with goa so sometimes the lines get blurred. Not bad, but I liked the second one better. It had more racing melodies with a wink to Nitzho imo. Pumping and churning that comes in waves.


Thank you gentlemen for a nice little sample of what you're working on. Recommended.


Juno Download



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