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Artist: sHiFt

Title: O.M.G. EP

Label: Nexus Media

Date: June, 2012


1. 4th Dimension - sHiFt & Deliriant

2. Consequences

3. OMG

4. Can 'O Worms


"Sounds like it's having a hallucinogenic effect."



Was totally going on my first hike this year. 14.4 mile (wait, you might not know what a mile is...I think that's like 69 kilometers or something) loop through forests, up mountains, and along rivers. Peace and quiet and a chance to get away from the kids. Yep, today was gonna be awesome.


Notice I said was.


Unfortunately for me today was also the day that my wife's car decided to need a new starter. She's gotta get to work and that leaves my vehicle. Wait, maybe there's another way...


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Damnit, my kidnap rope is in the garage. So I watched her pull away in my jeep on her way to work, taking my fun day with her. Alas all is not lost. Sure I can't be outside, but I can enjoy the latest from Mr. Chris Hoy. This is a 4 track EP released by the outstandingly consistent Nexus Media. I haven't heard from him since his last album, but I remember reading something non-porn related where he said the fans don't like it when he strays from his style of dark, pumping, eerie dance mayhem.


If that's you (it's me) then you will not be disappointed with this. He brings Mjolnir heavy beats with his signature minor key style. Plenty of lasers and acid blasts punctuated with cool samples. The first track is a collaboration with another South African psytrance destroyer Deliriant and it's like he never left. But for those who want something new injected into his music, well he even manages to throw in some dubstep on a couple of tracks that sound really good. Let's face it, this music is supposed to make you want to dance and he succeeds easily. But as per usual, he doesn't just craft mindless 4 on the floor aural beatdowns as his melodies and atmosphere make these tracks a powerful force to be reckoned with. I thought he was f*cking with me with the piano arpeggio on the last track, but he even made that work. Chris you've still got it.


Hey look, I can see the mountains from my window.





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To be honest, I thought that after "Pump" he basically didn't release anything really worthwhile, so I wasn't expecting much, when listening to the samples on beatport.


Two of the tracks don't sound special, but the first one "4th Dimension", and the third one, "OMG", seem to be pretty good! I'm surprised.


And now I have to listen to Boltthrower's "4th Crusade", of which the first track's name reminded me.

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