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Invisible Reality - Parallel Fantasy


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Artist: Invisible Reality

Title: Parallel Fantasy

Label: Iono Music

Date: February, 2011



1. Inkognito

2. Vanishing Rainbow

3. Pacifier Move

4. Criminal Code

5. Celestial Objects

6. Pure soul ghost

7. Be Real (Invisible Reality rmx) - Haldolium

8. Parallel Fantasy

9. Insomnia



Iono Music is the king of progressive trance who put out more than that girl in high school. Hooking up with her is like riding a moped...fun as hell until someone sees you on one. One thing that you don't have to concern yourself with is whether a release is worth your hard earned dough. Invisible Reality are Shamil Abramov & Igor Sorin who are now based in Israel.


I know what you're thinking.



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Is that f*cking dog just gonna take that from that b*tch ass cat?


There is this pervasive idea that while Israeli artists were once the pioneers of a lot of trance they have since continued the downward spiral into a massive cheese tray. A lot of that well deserved. But I assure you that this project is no joke. They have released several EP's and their debut album Invisibility was as close to flawless progressive as you could get. This has been out for almost a year now and somehow it always finds its way into my playlist. Why?


It's not close to being the most powerful music out there. I've heard tracks with more layers and melody. So what is it?


First of all the production is superb. Every sound is crystal clear. And there are a lot of them on display in various iterations. Second, it sounds fresh with real instruments. Not the preset of a real instrument. This isn't your basic cut and paste 8 bar generic music. No pattern was followed, just intelligent arrangements. It tells stories with numerous twists and turns. Drum sounds are as varied as snowflakes with clever breaks. Third, the transitions and melodies are very smooth. There is a dark theme running through this album with eerie melodies and crunchy percussion. Put all of that together and you get an outstanding record that will take you far away.


I urge you to give this your full attention and listen to this gem all the way through. This goes right up there with the best progressive this year.








Saiko Sounds


Goa Store



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