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"V/A - Sonic Alchemy EP"


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Artist: Various

Title: Sonic Alchemy EP

Label: Sonic Motion Records

Date: January, 2012



1. Existenz - Phatmatix & Atyss

2. Isolator - Atyss

3. Scorpio Department (Toxic Remix) - Atyss & Triskell




Expectations. We all haz them.




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I expect that these two fine eligible gentlemen will go home to a twin bed with salsa stained sheets from last night's Arrested Development marathon and lay down amidst their iPhones and iPads and proceed to knock out a few knuckle children to the pimply faced greeter at the Gap that almost talked to them until mom stumbles in screaming dinner was ready over an hour ago.





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I expect a professional tennis player to know that beating your girlfriend on the court you're currently about to play on might not be the best way to go.





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II expect this was how it went down when Barbie caught Ken tossing He-Man's salad.





After the f*cking awesome Hypnotwist and Motion Sensor compilations I expected an absolute cracker from Atyss, an up and coming twilight psytrance producer. It didn't happen, but everyone deserves a mulligan just ask any golfer you know. So now Sonic Motion Records is out with a quick hitting 3-track EP with Atyss, Triskell, and my main man Phatmatix. I would've bought this for his appearance alone after his two superb albums. So to say my expectations were high...well, that might be an understatement.



Existenz- "We've not always been as brothers. But let us put aside such matters."


What.The f*ck.Was that?


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Let me get back to you on this...



Isolator- "At the 70 hour mark an insomniac will experience micronaps."


I just...I'm...still on the last track. This is Atyss all by his lonesome and he has a metallic lead firing over eerie pads and a synth riff moving at high speed. Not bad I suppose. What makes it bad was the Nutek style buildup. I hear that and I wanna start smacking people. Pretty intense for sure. My favorite part was the last bit that had the synth running and a twinkling melody floating above.



Scorpio Department (Toxic Remix)- Toxic has always been a mixed bag for me. Some of his tracks were really excellent but a lot have been commercial pablum. This one is a remix off State of Resonance from Atyss and has a very appealing bass line; short and punchy just like me after I drink too much. It has a couple of buildups but they are very brief so no harm no foul. The groove and the power is there so I'm on board. It's a pretty good one.



Back to the first track. I wanted to hate this thing. I wanted to. So ready to shred it. But after hitting repeat many times over something bizarre happened.


I really began to like it.


Full of super big beats and funky breaks with a bass line that wraps around you like a python would. It's still a twilight track and yes it does have some annoying sample cheese. But that bit after 5 minutes is massively funky and ready for dancing. Pumping.


So I would urge those interested to give it a listen. Maybe it will grow on you also.






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