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Overdream - Soundprints EP


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Artist: Overdream

Title: Soundprints EP

Label: Sun Station Records

Date: June, 2011


01 - Land Of Carnivore Plants (146 BPM)

02 - Coven Of Witches (146 BPM)

03 - Ultramarine (148 BPM)

04 - Zurna (148 BPM)

05 - Kaleidoscope Eyes (feat. DubMyDub) (100 BPM)


This is a psychedelic trance couple Makus and Dana from the Ukraine. No, I mean they are actually a couple. Maybe they're married, I dunno I don't have that information. Kids? I have no idea. What are you, writing a book?


Land of Carnivore Plants- Carnivore plants? That's all we need. Reminds me of Australia. Never been there but I heard that more things are deadly there than anywhere on Earth.


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Short ride isn't it Mick?


Like the bubbling effects, don't like the lead. It's pretty shrill, but they do a nice job of layering with another one to take the edge off. As you would expect the tone shifts towards goa and it then finds its stride. Not bad.


Coven of Witches- "This hasn't been my happiest new year. This one's starting off rather f*cking badly."


Coven of b*tches. Who's laughing now stupid sorority? You coulda had allllll of dis. *Spreads arms in wide circles* All of it.


What's that now? Oh...witches. Well, that's different.


More bubbling and scratchy sounds give this a forest feel where alien creatures tread and effects rule. They rain down as they sparkle and churn the thick soup. I liked this one a lot.


Ultramarine- With a plucky bass they dive right back into the forest. The darkpsy metallic lead swarms with aggression as the duo begin to layer. It was shaping up to be just another generic track, but the break was unexpectedly fulfilling. They come out all eerie and mysterious with a squirty lead that flies all over the place.


Zurna- Hmmmm...this churning fellow seems mysterious. Then the cat-quick lead erupts and scrawls its message on the bark of ancient trees.


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But not as sizzling as..hold the f*ck up. Could really go for bacon right about now. Where was I? The final frame is where they take a left turn onto the beaches of goa for some time in the sun. Very powerful stuff.


Kaleidoscope Eyes- Can you hear the sounds of the forest? It has an ethnic tribal way about it as the breakbeat kicks in. But it doesn't stay there long. It becomes more of a mid tempo jaunt with a vocoded Beatles lyric. Yeah, those guys were no stranger to LSD. Another plus is the constant change in direction. Like the sitar? There's plenty of it here. Sure I coulda done without the Indian vocal, but you might like it. You're funny that way.


This track reminds me of the wild and chaotic presentation that you would find in a Shpongle production.


First I love the cover art. Seems to portray the ritualistic with a sense of the spiritual. The EP ain't bad either. You've got some forest and goa as well as the dub from the final track. Impressive. As always it's free so I encourage you to check it out for some variety.





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