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PLANET ZOGG: Fri 13 January: SABRETOOTH3 Launch!


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***PLANET ZOGG - Sabretooth3 Launch!!***

Friday 13th January 2012

The Plug (Neutral), Matilda St, Sheffield S1 4QD





>>TIX: LTD £5 adv/then £8 adv & b4 12/ £10 aft

ADV TIX will be on sale from: http://www.the-plug.com/ & Plug Box Office


Joining the dots from techno.. to psy.. to breaks..





YOU?? - see below!!

DILL (Planet Zogg/Karma)

GREG ZOGG (Planet Zogg/Ripsnorter)




Fancy an opening slot at Zogg? If you what to play at January's Zogg - we'd love to hear from you. Put a link to a mix on the Zogg Facebook page (see below) or give a CD to Dill, Greg or John. We're pretty broad minded musically at Zogg - but obviously stuff in a vague Zogg stylee is more likely to succeed!






Planet Zogg launches into 2012 with the launch of Ben Fraser's SABRETOOTH's 3rd album - a dark driving collision of psychedelic tech trance with many surprises along the way. Ben has played throughout Europe and the UK over the last six years - promoting his last two albums - moving & grooving dancefloors along the way, but it always great to have him back on home turf rocking the zogg crowd!! You can get a sneaky peak at :


and you can find out more



KEBBA PROPULSION is our longest serving live act with his first Sheffield show almost 12 years ago at Destination Venus. His tough anthemic techie trance has always been a fave with Zoggers and we're all looking forward to see what 2012 brings for his sound. Take a listen at:




MUTATED PONY returns to zogg after the success of her debut last year. The Manchester based DJ has been going from strength to strength with shows throughout the north with her tough techie psychedelic sounds and DILL and GREG complete the line up as ever with some new year hyperdelic techie trancey breaksy mayhem.


AND.... don't forget the UV visuals, cosmic decor, stalls, khachapuri cafe, performers, outdoor chilling and lord knows what else !!


we'll see you all there and remember..



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FYI, the tags make much of your post barely legible for those of us using the board's dark theme. You may want to lose them.


Thats weird - there's no colour tags deliberately used ( I dont think I've ever deliberately used them in 15 years of forum usage!) - its just standard plain text cut & pasted with some bold for headers. Does it automatically convert to colour tags?



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Does it automatically convert to colour tags?


Apparently so - I guess that's another "feature" of the new-style editor. If you want to avoid stuff like that happening, you can use the button in the top left corner of the editor (alt-text "Toggle editing mode").

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hmmm ... I just tested copy&pasting the same text from your post and it worked.


Which source did you copy the text from? Maybe this source is having a certain formatting which is copied alongside, but which is invisible to the eye of the user.

I encounter this frequently ... at work, where we use a certain type of editor that doesn't like this type of hidden formatting and doesn't work in these cases.


You can avoid this by pasting the text into an ordinary text editor first before then copying it out of there and posting it here.


I know it's kinda a bad solution, it shouldn't be necessary to do it. But this is the only thing I can think of.


And yes, probably the editor is crap. But things like that we can only solve through a new update.





Ha, fixed it. It definitely was the formatting I would say :)

I have done exactly what I said above -- copy-pasting to an external editor, correcting the formatting, then copy-pasting back here.

Oh btw, I set the bold parts just out of my mind, please check and re-set if necessary.

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