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VA - The LSD Connection (2011) - Yo Soy Records

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Release notes:

Yo Soy Records proudly presents The LSD Connection, a full-on and new school Goa trance compilation that brings together artists from all around the world to pay homage to one of the great shamans of all time. Expect a deep psychedelic trip through time and space as these sonic wizards peel back the facade of reality and expose the glittering underbelly of the cosmos.




01 - Extrinsic - Psychedelic Liberation (145 BPM)

02 - Parana - High Dosage (145 BPM)

03 - Godha - Beautiful Experience (142 BPM)

04 - Innerself - Shifting Reality (145 BPM)

05 - Erofex - Lions Gate (146 bpm)

06 - Goalien - When The Cosmic Winds Collide (147 BPM)

07 - Imba vs Nemesis - Overdosed Serbs (147 BPM)

08 - Majestad Valkyria - Margarita (Outro) (111 BPM)




Mastering by Dark Fox at Hispanodelicius Studio

Cover art by Anastasia





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