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"V/A - Voices of the Trees"

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Trance2MoveU    378

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Artist: Various

Title: Voices of the Trees

Label: Forest Freaks

Date: October, 2011


01 - Gioll - Lost Senses (150 BPM)

02 - DoHm - Lost Engineers (152 BPM)

03 - Kaos - Amok (150 BPM)

04 - Cenotes - Smektachius (148 BPM)

05 - Distorted Goblin - Psychodrama (150 BPM)

06 - Therange Freak - Creepy Shumadi (150 BPM)

07 - Whrikk - Frying Saucer (151 BPM)

08 - Red - Rock & Roll 21 Century (148 BPM)


Free darkpsy and forest compilation anyone?


Lost Senses- "You have finally lost your senses."


Who you tellin'? This is pumping forest psychedelia with the super fast bass line and nice acid lines that fit well with the scratchy forest sounds. There is a nice melody that floats in at 2 and a half minutes but it only stays briefly. The best way to lure someone into a trap I say. It's not too heavy and is more accessible for those like myself who are reluctant to cross over to the dark side. You know so I'm standing at the edge of the forest, and the sun is going down and my f*cking dog ran in there. Do I go after him?


Lost Engineers- Senses, engineers...of course everybody's getting f*cking lost it's a dark forest! This guy from Lithuania is one of my favorite forest trance producing guys. His tracks are spooky and motherf*cker I got turned around in this dark forest and can't find my way out. Damn dog. The woods creak and crack like a bowl of Rice Krispies and it all makes sense now.


Posted Image

You twisted motherf*ckers...where's my dog?


The opening strings are horror movie ready and the trees feel...alive. I see eyes everywhere...red, unblinking orbs. What was that sound?



Amok- Those twisted sprites are mocking me now with portamento smiles. More scratchy leads run amok as they lead me deeper into the dark forest. The temperature drops as effects fly by my head. In the distance I hear a lone wolf cry. This is pretty twisted.


Smektachius- Made up word? Possibly. When my son sees stickers that are identical he calls them dupakips (aka duplicates.) Flutes? Surely there must be somebody friendly here, mean people don't play flutes. Right? Bubbling forest sounds make me fell...uneasy. Spiraling effects and sick laughter have me looking over my shoulder. Oh, thank God it's Ronald....McDonald? What the f*ck happened to you?


Posted Image

Don't...try...the...McRib. It's...people!!!!


This was a great forest track. Great I tell you.



Psychodrama- "What would you think if I told you that you, me, everyone came from outer space? Weird though it sounds, it's true. We're all aliens."


Exhibit A

Posted Image



Bubbling, squeaks, pumping bass line...it's all here. At this point I'm pretty numb, having seen so many disturbing images. Creatures of dark origin circle with teeth bared, saliva dripping from their gaping maws. I just...I just want to find my dog and go home.


Creepy Shumadi- Oh f*ck what's that clicking noise? Is the Predator here too? I love the use of the eerie chopped up synths, definitely chilling. There is a music sample that is used for twisted purposes but the reverb is so heavy that I can't make it out. It kinda becomes a wall of sound and takes away the evil pleasure of this track. Otherwise it woulda been a masterpiece.


Frying Saucer- Fully under the sway of the forest, scratchy synths have their way. Don't know which way is up or down and just accept the next new horror thrust in front of me. Effects are spit out and twirled about as the aliens set their phasers to ridiculous


Posted Image

Oh sh*t...Taco Bell...kicking in...


To me this just comes off as incoherent noise over a bass line.



Rock & Roll 21 Century-

Posted Image

And in the totally unexpected what the f*ck department comes the final track. Sure, Homer Simpson is awesome and been used by loads of people. But...stay with me here. It had all the makings of a pretty good and groovy forest thumper. And then I discover that the forest swallowed the Marshal Tucker Band. How they got in there, I don't know. But they were still singing about what some woman did to him. Let it go dude. You're a zombie now anyway.


Every now and then I need a little forest. The bubbling sound and dark atmospheres offer a nice balance with the melodic goa and twilight sounds I usually listen to. This was a pretty good comp, with the standouts being DoHm, Cenotes, TheRange Freak, and Gioll. Thanks to Ektoplazm it costs you nothing to enjoy.





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IronSun    45

Very nice forest comp indeed! My favourites are Dohm's and Gioll's tracks. However, that last track, the first time I heard it, I laughed my ass off! Awesome use of that song imho, for the humor a the very least ^^

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