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Deliriant - Miracle Cure


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Artist: Deliriant

Title: Miracle Cure

Label: Nexus Media

Date: August, 2011


1. Edge of the Universe

2. Miracle Cure

3. Anti-God

4. Chronic

5. Face It

6. Peaches (Deliriant Remix) - Pitch Hikers, Shane Renew

7. One Sound Fits All

8. Final Thought

9. Recollection


A little to the left...a little more...ok, one step right....perfect! Smile!


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This is what it feels like to have let this slip under the radar. Kind of a poor choice of words, because whoever was driving that tank obviously wasn't watching the radar.


Maybe it was me.


Between the new baby and this being the hiking season I haven't really been paying too much attention to music. Who am I kidding, I haven't been able to do much hiking at all. Be that as it may I will attempt to get my sleep deprived brain a new injection of music.


This is Shane Renew, another South African that can bring the power in that twilight style that I love. His first album Chemistry...c'mon. I just wanna....C'mon mother f*cker let me rename the link...Damn this updated and obviously smoother running board! Damn you to hell!


Actually, that's minor...I really like the new setup here.


As I was saying, Chemistry (link below) was astoundingly awesome and if you haven't heard it I urge you to purchase a copy.




Wow, look at that old review. So sparse and...vacant. No pictures or nothin'. Anyway, this was mastered by sHiFt so it's got that going for it. Also, it is a digital only release as far as I can tell, so they apparently got tired of paying Joe Blow and Jill whoever the f*ck for CD costs, printing, and all that crap. I know some people love having the physical release, but let's be honest where are you gonna put it hippie? Something comes in means something goes out and we all know you're not gonna get rid of your bong. Yes, yes, we know you want a Kindle that plays music. Well they have that, it's called an mp3 player. Now you don't have to cart around all your Lil' Wayne Cd's. F*cker releases one every other week.


Edge of the Universe- "This is Earth. Silicon and oxygen based with a metallic core. It teems with life and rotates once every 24 hours while orbiting a star called the sun every 365 days. Let us travel now at the speed of light departing from our home star on a trip across the cosmos toward the edge of the known universe. Our imaginary journey begins when we prepare to launce into space at the speed of 186,000 miles per second."


With a crunchy beat and acid splatter the journey is underway. It's gutteral and feels like he just made Chemistry part two. Very groovy with dancing leads that combine in a bouncing melody. The break is also crystal clear bringing a bubbling synth to the front. Not storytelling rich, but it'll make you want to shake your ass in a co-worker's face.


Posted Image

"Yeah! Yeah, can you smell that? I had tacos for lunch!"




Miracle Cure- It sounds very futuristic and has me believing there is a miracle cure for all maladies.


Posted Image



So...maybe not a cure, but definitely some type of banishment. I see people in white coats with beakers full of colorful liquid and the whole environment is sterile. Sparkling leads ricochet off each other as lasers fire with reckless abandon. The acid starts flying with impunity and it was pretty good with a futuristic break. Not bad.




Anti-God- Toxic chemicals drip from metallic surfaces and a lead peeks out from the darkness, giving you just a taste. It begins slowly but at 4 minutes the synths take over and the groove kicks in. Acid lines flash brilliantly and the track ends on a strong note.



Chronic- I'm not about to review a track twice. You ain't payin' me. So here is what I wrote for the same track on the Secret Transmission compilation.


"So how long before we find the answer to the question we all really want to understand."


I thought this was ground that was covered. Three licks. Three licks to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop.


This is Shane Renew from South Africa with a track that is also on his 2nd studio album Miracle Cure. It's got some bounce as lasers fire from places of concealment. The lead is spacey and fat as he fades into a break but he then brings the acid back for a thorough soaking.



Face It- "Thank you ladies and gentlemen. It's a pleasure to be with you today."


With a rolling synth arpeggio the dark mood continues. Thick acid leads are painted with a broad brush and true to form the climax gets uber groovy, but I just wasn't feeling this one. It's good, don't get me wrong, but in a way I also found it empty.


Peaches (Deliriant Remix)-

This was a great Pitch Hikers track off their Twilight Zone album. It bubbles but let's face it with that ominous synth you really can't go wrong. Would really like to know what the f*ck that has to do with peaches. You have scratchy synths, a f*ckton of acid and some pretty good groove going on. What Deliriant track would be complete without some lasers, am I right? Loved it. The only thing it needs is a midget firing a machine gun.


Posted Image




One Sound Fits All- This is an alien lurking within the hidden corners of the spacecraft. This is you thinking you heard something, but can't locate it. It shows up as a blip on your heat scanner, but it's constantly shifting. Several times you thought you pinpointed its position only to find nothing. By the time you do find it, it's too late. It's large hulking mass is right behind you, ready to give you an acid soaking you won't soon forget. A good night time stomper this is.


Final Thought- More dark feelings emanate from this track and the first break makes me think of that scene in Alien where the creature slowly drops behind the unsuspecting victim. I really need to watch that movie again. The acid starts to fly like spittle from a hungry predator as the climax has a nice bit of groove to it as the arpeggiated lead spirals off into space. Not bad. Dark, acid heavy twilight stuff!



Recollection- Final track and it has a moderately paced swagger, like a firefight for all the marbles. Scratchy leads and acid blasts are the main course as they dance nimbly between artillery rounds. It's dark and introspective as more acid skitters away. Great way to close.


In the end this is exactly what you would expect from Deliriant. Acid heavy stomping psytrance. All of the tracks have a dark vibe and are very danceable. If you loved Chemistry then you will love this also. Congrats again to the crew at Nexus Media.







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