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Dj Draeke - Magical Trip (11.11.11)


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Here we are with a fresh mix for you all :).



Posted Image



I think this one is quite nice as I went through many different styles and vibes, I hope you would enjoy.





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I'm surprised nobody commented, maybe this one wasn't so well received :) But I thought it was quite relaxing while making it

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Lack of tracklist isn't very inviting but I'll take a peek!


I'm almost done listening to this.. can you post a tracklist? I'd love to especially know what the track at 38:00 is. Some awesome stuff here that I've never heard. Make more mixes using more obscure/unknown tracks! :D

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Ok, here we go:

1 Secede - Ballroom Arcade + Big Day Out

2 Solaris - Eternal Love

3 Taruna - Varanasi Space Station

4 Koan - Selena's Song (Blue Mix)

5 Alien Soap Opera - Voodoo Dub

6 The Morphogenetic - Ex Maquina Inspiritu

7 Syzygy - Morphic Resonance

8 Ott - One Day I Wish To Have This Kind Of Time

track at 38 is Lenny Ibizarre, no wonders you dig it :).. it's classic "goa" ambient...

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