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Alwoods - Aeolian Mode


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What a nice surprise, this album comes out today courtesy of Altar Records and it is a very nice piece of work.

At first I was a bit skeptic because I have never heard the name of the artist before and after a quick check online i couldn't really find much, but i decided to give it a go and listened to it anyway.


It opens smoothly and progress into what we can define as a beautiful journey into the lands of progressive trance and downtempo vibes.

The production is good as well as the mastering and the artwork, Zen did it as usual and it looks pretty brilliant!


Let's go through the tracks:


1 The opener is great, has the beat but is somehow relaxing and that sets the mood for the whole album, nice.


2 The first of my favorites, excellent use of a voice in the background, dreamy and psychedelic, the way it should be. A superb track with an oriental touch, bravo!


3 Near Light: Good solid track, could have been a little longer maybe but it prepares you for the nice journey that is about to begin with the next track.


4 Psychedelic Dream: is a very relaxing track, possibly my most favorite on the whole album, really floating out there and that gave me a sense of inner peace.


5 Low Red Moon, it's an OK track, actually is the only track that I don't like too much, but it has an interesting moment right before the end.


6 Sun Trap is the most "positive vibe feeling" track of the whole album, it feels like summer, a great track that would be surely reserved to melodic and joyful sets.


7 Samo8raki: Is another favorite, it is entrancing and captivating, with the repetition of the word used in different ways so that it creates a deep connection with the rest of the music, mystical atmospheres and excellent use of pads.


8 Kerkini Lake: The closing track is a middle tempo acidic track that tells a story, it has its apex in the middle where an intriguing melody appears in the background, a great closure to a very nice album.



Another solid release from Altar!

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