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Space Tribe - Space Tribe Continuum 1


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1. In the hands of the shaman

2. Machine Elf

3. The future's right now

4. Live and Let Live

5. Who's Nutty

6. Geomatrix

7. Telepathic Contact

8. All you need is spirit and nothing

9. You can be Shiva

10. The Acid Test

11. All senses vibrating

12. Loopy Loo

13. Dance like nobody's watching

14. Twitch!!

15. 2000 O.D.

16. Live what u love

17. You create your own reality

18. What is conciousness


With the regularity of objects orbiting in space, and just like Electric Universe, Space Tribe is serving us yet another album. Except that whereas both artists had similar "formulas" of putting a few gems surrounded by fillers to make a new album, lately they have parted their own ways with Electric Universe joining the full-on bandwagon whereas Space Tribe is turning back to his oldschool roots. Well, this time aound he decided to give us a comp with former releases, and considering his incredibly prolific career there was a LOT to choose from, hence the double-CD and which is only "vol.1" so there is understandably more to come.


Now the thing with all these "remember the good ol' days" comps is that they are great for people who are new to the scene since they can just get the best of the best in one release without bothering to dig around to find the occasional gem. However with oldies like myself who have followed Space Tribe for year and years, chances are high you'll probably know all these tracks already so it will be of no real interest... The only track that I didn't already know was You Can Be Shiva which is oooold (think pre-goa old), and even though it's a nice listen from a historical point of view it's not really that good.


That said, I'm greatful he only chose one track from his "singing period", You Create Your Own Reality which was his worst period IMO, he'd like ruin his tracks by singing on top of them. Thank God that period is over ;)


So if you're new to the scene and want to get a general view of Olli's past this is a great buy, otherwise I'd give it a pass...

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You Can Be Shiva is the best thing Olli ever did IMO, so deep and trancy in the old way. I always wondered if there were any more unreleased tracks in that style.

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Space Tribe - Space Tribe Continuum 1


Space Tribe Music, 2011


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CD 1


1. In The Hands Of The Shaman

2. Machine Elf

3. The Future's Right Now

4. Live & Let Live

5. Who's Nutty

6. Geomatrix

7. Telepathic Contact

8. All You Need Is Spirit & Nothing

9. You Can Be Shiva


CD 2


1. The Acid Test

2. All Senses Vibrating

3. Loopy Loo

4. Dance Like Nobody's Watching

5. Twitch!!

6. 2000 O.D.

7. Live What U Love

8. You Create Your Own Reality

9. What Is Consciousness


Olli Wisdom is undoubtedly one of the pioneers of psychedelic trance. Since the dawn of his project the guy from the land of kangaroos has released like a 100 of Space Tribe albums and sold tons of colorful fluoro-clothes of his own brand. Recently it dawned on him to dust off his older output as far as some hype for retro is concerned and occasionally to make some penny, the effect of which is an ample two-CD release from the "historical / best of" field fitted with a cool and very accurate title "Space Tribe Continuum". What we have here is Olli's musical output beginning from 1993 and ending with 2002 (not 2000, as the online promo-blurb says). In my opinion this is the most interesting period of Wisdom's activity as Space Tribe, because it was then when he set above the psychedelic element over the rest - later those priorities underwent a lot of changes and quantity became heavily dominant over quality. The tracks on both CDs were taken from albums, singles and compilations released years back. And so, one can taste the rich collection of tunes from the "Sonic Mandala", "The Ultraviolet Catastrophe", "The Future's Right Now", "2000 O.D., "Religious Experience" and "Heart Beat" albums, as well as two singles: "The Acid Test" and "Live And Let Live". Though the track "You Can Be Shiva" has the "unreleased" status, it could not be further from the truth, because the track has been already released at the "Dragonfly Classix" compilation. Nevertheless, we have an immensely interesting set of old (but gold) tracks here, which, in my opinion, did not lose anything from their primary glamour in the lapse of time. Moreover, they gained a lot of value and - adding the fact that they were remastered - also more modern paintjob. As some of the most interesting I would enlist the tracks coproduced with two titans of the scene: Simon Posford (the deep "In The Hands Of The Shaman", crazy "Machine Elf" and delirious "Geomatrix") and Boris Blenn (the epic party dynamite entitled "The Acid Test"). Of course the solo tracks by Space Tribe are not far behind and also provide some nutritious psychedelia. Tracks like "The Future's Right Now", "Who's Nutty", "Telepathic Contact", "You Need Is Spirit & Nothing", "You Can Be Shiva" and "Dance Like Nobody's Watching" are undoubtedly worthy representatives of the dynamic and colorful world of this artist. All in all is it a nice retrospective compilation with balls and a large dose of untamed fluoro-madness.


Templar / http://www.psytrance.pl





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"Who's nutty enough to do a thing like that?"




Ah...I see you went with the more toned down shirt for your job interview. Jesus tap dancing Christ how many epileptic seizures is this guy responsible for?


Olli Wisdom is a cornerstone of psychedelic trance from his beginnings as a goa artist to his evolution into a purveyor of ridiculous clothing. He's been making music longer than some of you have been alive and has earned credibility. So this ambitious gathering of his best and brightest over 2 albums is long overdue. Now let's be honest, like a lot of artists who've been in the game as long as he has he's had some...questionable tracks. As I've mentioned before his album covers made more of an impact than some of his work. I mean seriously who can forget the Holy Father behind the ones and twos? But when he gets it right you're in the presence of greatness. The 2 CD collection puts together tracks from his albums as well as stuff from compilations he's appeared on. They range from psychedelic goa stormers to his brand of acidic full on. The tracks with the goofy sound effects or guitar approximations I could do without.


Surprise surprise the ones made with Simon Posford are pretty damn good. It's a 2-CD compilation and my 2 cents says that the first disc is great and the second is much weaker. By a f*cking country mile. Now Discogs says it's remastered so even if you're not a Space Tribe fanboy it's pretty cool to get these updated tracks under one roof.



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