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Perfect Blind - Three Spires


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Artist: Perfect Blind

Title: Three Spires

Label: Omnitropic

Date: February, 2011



1. Ethernion II (92 BPM)

2. Nimbus Cloud (99 BPM)

3. Shrouding (108 BPM)

4. Exosphere (108 BPM)

5. Train Of Thoughts (2009 Mix) (108 BPM)

6. Passing Nebulae (113 BPM)

7. Coming Home (85 BPM)

8. The Three Spires (72 BPM)



This is Igor Ceranic and if you have been reading my reviews, you should know who he is. Hailing from Zagreb, he is the mind behind the Deimos project and seemingly masters every release under the sun. Having released a few EPs under the Perfect Blind name this is his debut. It actually came out before his Ep Surfacing. Some reviews require a track by track commentary, but not this one. I can sum it up in one sentence, really.


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Holy sh*t this was good.


This release was all about the cosmic downtempo, perfect for getting carried away. There are numerous layers to get lost in. It's not sleepy ambient, but rather dreaming while wide awake music because you don't want to miss anything. There are visions of colorful nebulae, undiscovered planets, and heavenly views from a large bay window on the spacecraft. It would start slowly and then gather all its parts and ride it like a surfer does a wave. Only then would it slowly deconstruct leaving the listener with a moving experience. Layers of synths provide deep stretches of meditation. Every sound is crystal clear, no matter how much stuff he puts in there. Half the fun on repeated listens is following each of the sounds and seeing where they go. The final track is only 2 minutes, but I can literally feel like I was hovering under a star ship as the sun peeked from the other side of a planet. Amazing.





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Wow this is great! Atmospheric, emotionally resonant, melodic and mature space-travel bliss! 

I didn't know of this artist until the many recommendations I saw for his album Wonderers in the "Best of 2016" thread. The mid-tempo work is fantastic in his 2016 album, but the first two slower songs in addition to a few slower others take me out of the powerful, captivating ride achieved in this one.


This release is more consistent in tone, energy, and rhythm. It's a wonderful, homogeneous, visionary I'd add, and intergalactic Mid-Tempo album with some dramatic heft and storytelling to boot. Well done. I'm impressed.

He's attracting a lot of ears thanks to continually producing strong and imaginative work. Included is the full stream to this underrated gem.


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Tnx man, I agree for the not-so-coherent feel of the Wanderers, mainly because it featured tracks made in different time/mood/inspiration. Three Spires was finished in late 2009, mixed and mastered at the begining of 2010 and waited for a full year (and then some) to be released.


My "perfect blind" album for this year will be entirely conceptual in story so it will def. be more cohesive, like you said Three Spire was... It will be available beginning of September :)

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