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Melodies are forever


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Nothing like hearing trance for the first time but there are a few

Shakta - Spiritual Beings in Physical Bodies blows me away each time

Electric Universe - Electronic Pulsation

Boris Blenn - Jeboa Electrogarden

Astral Projection - Still on Mars

and a few others...


Shakta, Electric Universe and Astral Projection just bang!


That's all I can say ATM.

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Most melodies get tired after you've heard them too many times.

There are some that never seem to get old and I guess you're referring to these.

What would you say is an example of such melody?


Two tracks that comes to my mind are


Sine Die- Shaman tripp (the name has no connection to the Music :wacko: )

ra-gates of tiphareth


Love Egyptian scale :)

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