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Petar Dundov


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This is probably one of the best Croatian electronic music producers and his latest tunes are real masterpieces so I'm not gonna writte about him, just check his discogs page (and read bio) LINK


and listen!!! to this beautiful track, it's blend of ambient music, techno and trance, and it's pure journey into intelligent electronica.




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Indeed, Petar Dundov must be the greatest croatian contribution to electronic music thus far.


Yes, his last two vinyls, and the staggering 2008 album Escapements, have caused quite a buzz in the electronic music community. Which is great, since he practically disappeared for two years, be it production wise or 'gig wise'.


What is even more impressive is that Petar started out as a trance producer (a pretty long time ago), released a few gems which are generally considered classics amongst old school trance heads, made an incredibly successful transition to techno, releasing more classics and dance floor bombs than anyone could have anticipated, culminating with the 1999 album Reaction, recorded under his Brother's Yard alias. Personally, I find the 12"s released under that pseudonym to be perhaps the most timeless and far reaching material to have ever come out of his studio.


If you want to get a glimpse of his old trance sound at its best, then definitely check out the Phenomenon EP released as Unreal and the Farr 1 & 2 EP released as Pon Farr.


Although it's kind of tough to narrow it down to a few attention worthy releases, I'd say give a shot to Evolver, Kaskades and Shiye EPs for top of the line techno released under his own name.


Brother's Yard is, in my opinion, in a league of its own... Some of the most well executed, three dimensional, mechanical, true to form dance floor techno of its era. Huge support from all the great DJs, and the live acts were out of this world...


Best thing of all is how skillfully did Petar make the transition from the sound of the 'old', and resurfaced with his hypnotic, mellow and mesmerizing aural aura he's been pursuing since the Running Man EP in 2007. His last two vinyls, Distant Shores and Tenth Plateau are in heavy rotation - globally - and have appealed to listeners from all over the musical map. Step by step, he even earned his place on psynews... B)


Hell, I could probably write a manual about Petar, but I'm tired of writing. Argh... must resist... stop... stop... stop...

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Dundov's third LP, Sailing Off The Grid, expands on the lush, intricate synth explorations of his previous two releases, but sees him delve further still into those realms, invoking the spirit of classic ambient and synth-based music of decades gone by. While the album spans just eight tracks, each track clocks in over seven minutes, and some almost double that length. Each is slow-burning, expansive, gradually unfolding to reveal more of itself and to develop its motifs and sentiments without the often hurried constraints of the dancefloor (or even more so, the radio). This is an album to be consumed in its entirety; not for those with short attention spans or iPod playlists on their mind.

As well as the glorious aesthetic of this record, it's clear that this third album is indebted to the greats of the synthesizer world. The album imparts a - whisper it - almost Balearic sensuality, with a real sense of humanity elicited from Dundov's array of machines by way of ever-changing melodies and patterns, giving the sense of a spontaneous, freestyle approach to synth playing and constructing tracks. If his first two albums unearthed his wider musical talents, Sailing Off The Grid is the one that sees him blossom into an incredibly accomplished and ever-more-intriguing producer.

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