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TB - Soundform [Goa]


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* Title: Soundform

* Genre: Goa

* Length: 80min

* Format: MP3 VBR V0

* File size: 147mb

* BPM: 140bpm


this is a mindblasting newschool goa trip into the deepest

spheres of human consciousness! like always you can expect

uplifting melodies and a lot brainscrewin' acid basslines!








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My Psychedelic Mixes






E-Mantra – Telepatic Alienation

Alienapia – Dharmakaya

Artha – Saikol

Liquid Flow – Yang

Joseph Mcdonough – Mindgap

Daimon (aka Antares) – Codex

Goalien – Psychedelic Dilemma

Space Elves – Goa Trance Mission (Jikooha Remix)

Liquid Flow – Reformation

Goasia – How Deep Is Your Trip

Artha – Mystic Change

Eleusyn – Dusk Lights

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thnx! I am not a fan of high bpm (as you can imagine :))

for listening (and dancing) I prefer 135-138bpm for Progressive and 138-140bpm for Goa.


Max bpm I can listen to is 145bpm.


Everything above is unlistenable for me :)

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