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be careful when ordering at http://chemical-records.co.uk/



at first they didn't care about my order until i asked what is going on.

so for a week there happened nothing, no message, nothing, nada.

they anwser to mails very sloppy and with long delays, you also get only 2 sentences back.

they do not accept paypal, only normal bank transactions, well ok, works fine aswell.

after paying the correct amount for my order, for what i have proof from my bank which i presented to them, they claim there is some certain amount missing. i had to go to my bank twice and let it explaint, no fault from my side nor my bank, the complete amount was sent to their account. confirmed from my bank, got proof that i also showed chemical-records.


chemical-records make the customer responsible FOR THEIR OWN PROBLEMS WITH THEIR BANK !!!!!

after presenting all proofs and everything needed they still asked me to do another payment for the charges their bank took !!!

i did not agree with this as this was nowwhere mentioned before, nowhere in the disclaimer nor faq, rules etc WHY SHOULD I AS A CUSTOMER BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR BANKS CHARGES AND PROBLEMS !!!!!

i wanted a full refund of my payment, which i have the full right to, also according to their terms & conditions.


after giving them my proper bank account details for international transactions, which are in fact the same kind they give out, THEY REFUSED TO DO A REFUND ONCE AGAIN BECAUSE OF THEIR BANKS CHARGES !!!!!!


After asking for a detailed statemant from their supervisor explaining where there is my fault and why i as a customer should be responsible for their bank fees, problems and charges i have been simply ignored. no reply. no anwsers, nothing !!!


i have never received my order, i have never received my money back, from the beginning on i wasn't taken seriously, got sloppy 2 sentences replys via mail or simply been ignored ! they ask the customer to make addtional payments covering their banks charges and fees !! they breaks their owns rules, terms and conditions !!




feel free to spread the words and warn others.


any advices for what i can do to get my money back?

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they 'wanted' to give a refund.

i gave them my correct bank details for international transactions with IBAN and BIC, the same details they give for international orders.

the correct ones that i have asked at my bank for.

but they said they bank will charge fees and asked for a credit card i do not own. i explicitly told them that i do NOT own a credit card and the details i delivered are the proper ones confirmed by my bank.

as a reply i got: "we will not process a refund in this manner."

and thats the last thing i heard from them.

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as a reply i got: "we will not process a refund in this manner."


ask for the official opinion of them,including logo,adress,contact logo of them

ask them to be more specific what ''in this manner'' means

i think u deserve a official statement(for any legal use)

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they mean that there will be no refund if i wont give them details for a credit card i do not own because a normal bank wire will cost them bank charges. according to them the customer should be responsible for their bank issues and charges.

i have already asked for an official statement from their supervisior. i just have been ignored...no reply, nothing

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according to them the customer should be responsible for their bank issues and charges.



so ask them to send the above statement officialy

also ask them to send u their terms and conditions in a doc,,, etc file

try such a movement

perhaps they change their mind,when u ask for such stuff

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so what you think? are they scammers or some funbags actually selling records with too much pot up the brain? you're the only one duped?


if they're scammers you stand a decent chance in court, (if you got the time and the vigor :P) if they're just sloppy things might be less favorable, and it's a sad thing it had to be you :P


appreciate the warning though, this should learn ppl to buy only from trusted organizations!

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first they made a solid impression, good website, nice stock, everything went smooth to the order.

but since the payment only trouble !!!

and yes they simply ignore my emails.

i have tested it today. i have sent from another address a normal mail with some question, got an anwser within 1 hour.

i wrote them another mail considering my order at the same time, no anwser, nothing.

keep your fingers of that site.

spread the word on other forums and sites to warn others.

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Nelly Furtado - Powerless (Leama & Moor Remix Bootleg Vinyl)

an order all together for 5€ so lucky i didn't loose to much, and i was thinking about making a bigger order, good that i have tested them with a cheaper one first...

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yes its this one

well my bank did not take any charges, i have been at my to let them explain the situation. the complete correct amount has been sent to their account. what their bank does neither i nor my bank has any influence. there is also nothing in the terms and conditions about it. i also see no reason why i should be responsible for their bank issues. it's not my fault. i have done everything correctly and have proof from my bank that the correct amount went out to them. what else can i do as a customer?

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You didn't know that once you wire 100% of your money the other side will get approx. 75% of it?


And it is usually impossible to determin what % all these banks that are involved in the transaction will charge for their services :/


PS. I hate wire transfers.

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sooo...after almost a year


i had to do another wire transfer of 0,70€ to cover their banks fees !

its nowhere mentioned that the customer has to deal with their bank issues and problems and has to figure them out by themselfes.

if you send them only the amount of the bill from your order it wont be enough!!! but thats the customers problem right.

also dont count on any help from their side, as i wrote before they will simply ignore your messages.


keep your fingers off that site. there are a lot more records shops that accept paypal and dont screw their customers over.

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