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"V/A - Iwasankai"


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Album: Iwasankai
Artist: Various
Label: Yabai Records
Date: March, 2010

1. Free Man

2. Black Out

3. Kind of rush

4. The Universe

5. Reborn

6. Don't get me mad (rmx)

7. Brain Damage

8. Rising Waves

9. Yottabyte

Yabai records is another one of my favorite labels that delivers the goods. Power, melody, and insanity. Their artists are heavy on rhythm and skilled in creating atmosphere. Compilations like "Macao" and "Ministry of Chaos" were very good. Here there is a mixture of the well known artists as well as the not so well known. "Iwasankai" according to Psyshop is Japanese slang for blowing your mind. On the outside the cover looks like some grafitti on the side of a train. Nice colors and the business fits the style of music. There is a lot going on.

Brain Hunters- Free Man Spaniard Alfonso Zambrano starts things off with a powerful track with a sample I am unfamiliar with. This track also has one of those ridiculous buildups which I hate, but thankfully it is short lived and he gets back to the acidic goodness. Plenty of groove that is guaranteed to move. Like it.

Khopat & Sinful Reactions - "Black Out" Khopat is Vasco Pedrosa and has been in the game a long time. Sinful Reactions are 2 brothers Orlando Pereira and Luis Pereira who have had a couple of releases. The bassline rambles and the break at 3'30" is clever. Acid is present of course as a nice melody drops in at 4'19" to give the track a fuller feel. Some may find one of the leads a little shrill, but it doesn't kill the song. Not bad.

Orca - "kind of Rush" Loved his debut album, full of hard beats and melodies. This track has lasers, acid, and even a Detroit style rave sound that ups the groove meter. It almost sounds like it was done on a turntable. The intensity rises delivering quite a good track.

B-55- "Universe" Japanese duo Keisuke Fujiwara & Takashi Sekiya have been hit or miss with me. Some of their tracks are a little too dark for me, but the ones that appeal to me are smashes. This is one is a smash, dirty and funky, loud with an attitude. There are high tech noises that give it that futuristic atmosphere. Stellar.

Time Twisters- "Reborn" No idea who they are, but they did have a track on the "Not For Humnan Consumption" compilation. This one has time signature changes and is most assuredly different with arpeggios of chimes as well as dirty acid. The leads fit well with the groove sounds similar to what Frozen Ghost uses. Enjoyable.

Phatmatix- "Don't Get Me Mad Remix" Stephane Rault has the Midas touch. I don't think he has the ability to produce a poor track. His compilation work as well as his 2 albums are awesome. This one (a remix of his on "Manga") starts out with a cool British sample and it isn't long before it delves into dark territory. True to form, there is acid, groove and leads that creep about. He even put some electro influences in there. Very good.

Dapanji- "Brain Damage" These guys released an album? Never heard of it. They are Israeli duo Ran Rajuan & Daniel Aminov and they have the longest track on the album. And if their album is like this, I will pass. A lot of starts and stops, obligatory LSD sample, and full on to the core. Is Dapanji really Tetrium? How the hell did this get on here?

Toxic- "Rising Waves" Another Israeli duo Alon Atias & Avi Aboresi have released a ton of tracks on lots of comps. As prolific as they are, I find their musice to be good, but missing that extra something to put them over the top. This one wastes no time, bringing full power and an in your face style. It's pretty groovy, but plagued with a few too many builups for my taste. Good, but not great.

A-Team- "Yottabyte" Minor key psy bringing an air of uncertainty to the track. Around the 5 minute mark this beast picks up momentum right into a nice earthquake sample. It starts to growl, you can feel it getting angry. Once it does, it gets pretty heavy. Thick like Xerox's "Battleship." Pretty good.

All in all, quite the good compilation. There is a lot of energy and acidic craziness here, just the way I like it. B-55 is the standout for me, but most of the tracks bring something good to the table. Yabai continues to pump out quality twilight psy, and I was happy to add this to my collection. Recommended.



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