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Psychedelic Quest - "Alternate Constellations" [Goa Trance Album]

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Λόγω κάποιων διαδικαστικών προβλημάτων,το CD "Αlternate Constellations" δεν θα κυκλοφορίσει επίσημα αλλά διαδικτυακά,σε MP3.


Due to technical reasons,"Alternate Constellations"LP,will not be officially released.It will be released free,through the internet at MP3 Format.




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That some fine goa trance, everyone should listen to it. It was downloadable for free back then don't know if it's still possible today? Anyway i like it a lot. Some tracks remind Miranda old melodic tracks and some others are more energetic, definitely a nice release.

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Thank you for your nice words my friend!.Keep it up and all the best!.

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that's it right? nice :)

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Do you still produce music?

Hello my friend.Yes,i am still produce music,i have release my deput EP on Timewarp Records,here is the links for listening or downloading,plus the "Alternate Constellations"album,in wave file :)


Psychedelic Quest - Unusual Chemistry [timewarp040] (Timewarp Records)


Beatport: http://btprt.dj/1RKzyWa

Psyshop: http://bit.ly/1N61Cgn

Goastore: http://bit.ly/1ZZ4uov


1 - Psychedelic Quest - Unusual Chemistry

2 - Psychedelic Quest - Endless Journey

3 - Psychedelic Quest - Spiritual Atmosphere


Timewarp presents Unusual Chemistry, the debut EP from Psychedelic Quest a new Goa Trance artist from Greece, welcome to his wild stories and epic melodic journeys through these 3 killer tracks.













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  • Psychedelic Quest changed the title to Psychedelic Quest - "Alternate Constellations" [Goa Trance Album]

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