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Koan - When The Silence Is Speaking (Blue Tunes, 2009)

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Simultaneously with release of the first track on Dissidents compilation Koan project starts to be shown gradually on open spaces of the Moscow electronic scene. At first rarely getting into the closed clubs and on private parties, musicians quickly pass in the concentrated attack: a series of performances is followed by release of debut album Talking Stones. So the project discography has begun. It was visible not casual coincidence, but accurately planned action, because right from this point Koan releases music regulary and each time with much quality. Koan begun to gather the quantity of releases and level of prestige in the scene. Not a miss had been admitted till four years of persistent work.


Judge: practically at once after Talking Stones (2005) at the same label When Invisible Becomes Visible EP (2005) and mix-album Signs (2006) were released. It expands borders of Koan's creativity offering absolutely other sight on ethnic lounge, than we have heard on the first album. In the same 2006 there was the first international-published solo disk Koan under the name Two Moon Butterflies (2006). The release has offered listeners the whole new sound quality level. Some indelible hits made album completely sold in no time by all large Internet psy shops. Many top labels released their tracks that year and Koan guys also spends active summer, participating in the European festivals. In 2007 musicians got a little break, fiercely working over the new style, a new sound and new ideas. The release of 5 tracks Fulfilled Wish EP (2007) at fresh perspective Russian studio became an intermediate result of year. Also released out a project composition at the compilation again. Koan was issued also on Blue Tunes Rec. In 2008 digital 4 tracks release Watermarks Remixes - which includes remix from Behind Blue Eyes.


With development quality of a sound of the project's material constantly raises. it is obvious that guys are seriously keen on contemporary sound technics of chill-out ambient and also folk and world motifs - their music is transforming, develops and always full of new ideas and concepts. Today I offer you the review of the new solo disk Koan which has been kindly released by German studio Blue Tunes Rec.


Koan - When The Silence Is Speaking


1. Back to the silent lagoon (Blue mix)

2. Selena's Song (Blue mix)

3. After the Guiding Venus

4. The Island of Deceased Ships

5. Dance of Nereids

6. Odysseus under the old tree

7. Underwater Moonlight (Blue mix)

8. When the silence is speaking

9. Dolphin and Eos



Here are brief reviews of some tracks from the album to give you light hints of what you will get from it.


1. Back to the silent lagoon (Blue mix)


For those who have heard the first album Talking Stones this track will seem not simply familiar - it will necessarily make very strong impression at least be cause of melody and that amazing difference in soundings of original and the sequel. A bomb will blow up in the head of any who remembers that, old album. For those who is not remember I urgently recommend to get and to listen... The track is very good composition with the swinging bit, muster of pipes and a solar evening spirit. Deep tones of wind instruments at background in second half of timing are successfully supplemented by a string melody which develops being strung on itself. Then it suppresses its own environment and sounds solo. The track comes to the end with the same from what began leaving nice impression.


5. Dance of Nereids


This dance is very strange. It begins from the breakbeat rhytm-cicle and pulsating of solid synth. Then it transforms many times in many different ways. It starts spin faster and then die out again, it consists of one note and then changes to many different sounds. Even beat is not stable - it changes from breaked and hard to the flat and soft. This track is not going to keep it form never - new sounds new moves and new sequences are apper meny times again and again. I cant say that this will be the track that you will like for sure but you realy need to listen to it yourself - it has very interesting structure and original asymmetric taste.


7. Underwater Moonlight (Blue mix)


It is one more interpretation of an old material. This track also was present on an album of 2005. Actually in the present variant atmosphere became deeper, more hysterical... It is possible to tell more internal. The melody which reveals to the listener in thirds third of composition possesses all advantages inherent to the style of the project. In addition this melody released in the average heights a timbre that gives it additional pluses, doing sounding smoother, dense and viscous.


8. When The Silence Is Speaking


The starting bit is interesting enough and dynamical, but it leaves on a background already on the second minute when time has come to replace the basic tool. Development occurs slowly towards increase of a timbre of a melody and rhythm section allocation. To the middle of the track the rhythm becomes feeble and abrupt, the melody is replaced with shivering sounds on a background. Then the melody rotates in attempts to begin again. The next variation of a melody is offered here in corporate style Koan - shortly, sonorously, cyclically, is flowed round. It is dancing around soft flat beat. Finally it remains only one with little adds of reflexions and silent noises.


Summary. The disk has turned out charming. From the very beginning and to last note it generates, develops and supports integral atmosphere. A little bit is a pity that I prefer little bit more light tones in music, but is assured that many listeners on advantage will estimate this album. The disk accompanies us from a gentle sunset to a quiet early dawn through fascinating, unexpectedly rich impressions of night. Koan have once again put a foot on higher step of that creative ladder. Here there are all components of successful modern musical art - progress of quality of sounding, development of the concept and atmosphere of compositions at the album, presence of original and characteristic features that allows to name this project the significant self-sufficient and integral phenomenon of a modern world chill-out scene.

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Where is the review thread for this?


Selena's Song (Blue Mix) is one of the oat beautiful song's I have ever listened to. It fills my heart with hope and joy.


The album is great.


His 2014 one, The Way of One is also strong.

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