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Label: Tribal Vision Records

Cat. No.: TVRCD026

Release Date: November 2009

Format: CD




1- Mai-Mai (Silicon Sound remix)

2- Drifting Planet (Astronivo & DJ Slater remix)

3- The Milky Way (feat. Aurora Borealis)

4- Electric Sunrise (Even 11 remix)

5- Serial Groover (Jaia live mix)

6- Out of Orbit (Vibrasphere remix)

7- Serial Groover (Kiwa remix)

8- Drifting Planet (Martin Roth remix)

9- L'ivresse Des Profondeurs (Blue Planet Corporation remix)


No way that you can call yourself pure true admirer of progressive trance music If you not enjoyed the sounds of well know, great progressive trance producer under the name "JAIA". Yannis Kamarinos, great legend of mentioned style, after a series of very successful releases, this time brings us huge collaboration with lot of very successful big names like Blue Planet Corporation, Vibrasphere, Silicon Sound, some of, for my term, new awesome producers like Astronivo, Kiwa, Martin Roth, Aurora Borealis, also well know collab project between Jaia and Silicon Sound "Even 11" and of course head cheef of releasing label Tribal vision, DJ Slater. There is few great hits from earlier days that contain today's elemnets of new progressive style with minimalistic touch. I can say that all the remixed version is very much worthy of earlier original ideas. Lately, I'm a big skeptic of remixed tracks version, which can not be said for this release. Except of minimalistic beats and forms in tracks, I'm really glade that producers retained melodious. Of course, no matter of that was one of my favorite tracks, remix of "The Milky Way", on this release, shared the same position as the original version. Simply, this is a theme that always buy me. :-) Other tracks also, contain so much positive energy and beautiful warm colors of sound. All of them play calm and easy flow, but at the same time have club polished and dynamic expression. For my mind, pure enjoyment.

Otherwise, becide lot of housy elements in almost every track I totally like to say that beat at Vibraspheres remake is the best on whole release as for me. Also great background with acid lead from an old great times. Perfection!

Kiwa has become "Mr. Oizo flat beat" in this remix :-) Rubber drive with a drop of break beats. I like it. Totally different approach from other. So, practically, here we pass through different styles. And at the end cup of ambiental spirit by Blue Planet. Nice. According of access to today's electronic music this CD will find the way to the many, different style, cases.

I need to mention that I'm extremely pleased cause Tribal Vision is publisher of this release. I think that sound is more the fit in to their story. Another big, another important!!!




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Yes, this is a very nice compilation of reworked/remixed melodic progressiveness. I really enoyed this release, and Tribal Vision continues to spearhead the melodic progressive movement.

After the awesome Solid Snake album, this is a welcome addition to my library from the Czech label. Cover art is also beautiful.


My favourites 2,3(!),4(!),6(!!),8,9(!)

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Yeah, this is a really good one. The tracks are all very proggy. Mai Mai and L'ivresse Des Profondeurs (diver's sickness in english, if anyone wonders) are really great originals and the best remixes here too.

Yum Yum.

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A very worthy album of remixes. Favourite tracks were 1, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9. The Kiwa remix (track 7) really doesn't work, though.


One of the more enjoyable releases in 2009.






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"I put a cherry on top!"




This fruit should be part of all y'all's diet.


There's some really good stuff here.  Melodic progressive surely (it is Tribal Vision after all), but there is some housey vibes (Martin Roth Remix of Drifting Planet), thumping techno beats (Kiwa Remix of Serial Groover), and a hard edged downtempo remix of L'Ivresse Des Profondeurs by BPC.


I was disappointed by the VIbrasphere remix of Out of Orbit not because it was a bad track, but because they've produced such epic music that I felt it wasn't up to their usual level. 


Cool thing here is that this is what remixes are supposed to be about.  You may not like the where the artists took some classic tracks, but there's no denying that they showed some creativity.  Make it your own while retaining a little magic of the original.

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