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Jaia - Re:Works

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Jaia - Re-Works


Tribal Vision Records, 2009


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1. Mai-Mai (Silicon Sound Rmx)

2. Drifting Planet (Astronivo & DJ Slater Rmx)

3. The Milky Way (feat. Aurora Borealis)

4. Electric Sunrise (Even 11 Rmx)

5. Serial Groover (Jaia live Rix)

6. Out Of Orbit (Vibrasphere Rmx)

7. Serial Groover (Kiwa Rmx)

8. Drifting Planet (Martin Roth Rmx)

9. L'ivresse Des Profondeurs (Blue Planet Corporation Rmx)




Yannis Kamarinos aka Jaia is a true legend across the electronic music genres.


The man behind a number of successful goa trance and ambient hits in the late 90's as well as several movie soundtracks became a synonym for some exquisite progressive trance and house music after the turn of the millenium.


It has been already four years since his groundbreaking album Fiction, during which Jaia has been releasing singles, remixing and touring the planet with his live performance. Today, Tribal Vision is very proud to announce a whole new series of Jaia releases, starting with a cd album containing brand new remixes of Jaia's biggest hits by such outstanding and diverse remixers as Vibrasphere, Martin Roth, Silicon Sound or Blue Planet Corporation. Featured is also an exclusive cover version of famous The Milky Way song by French trance producer Aurora Borealis.






In Homer Simpson's word: Who-hoo! :D

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