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title sais it all, am going over all my classics, that i have kept, and loving some but need something else.

those who know what i like, (even those who don't)

what is going to knock me off my feet???

i know this topic could be merged with the best of 2009, but snippets i have heard of some of them are just full on crap!!!(sorry full on lovers but there is just no meat in the sandwich there,or anything for that matter just plain old white bread)

not all but not enough for me to go yessss i will buy that( not that i have any money these days)

but all the same, suggestions anyone??

only releases i have bought this year are



hallucinogen dub




otherwise i am going to be stuck in 1997 forever



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There is nothing wrong with being stuck in 1997.


Personally I am pretty much finished with the current so called psytrance releases. If I want new good music I look past psytrance.


But let's stay in the golden era for awhile.


First recommendation


I spend a lot of time collecting individual tracks from the golden era. I have a big CD collection of psytrance from the golden era but I can still find excellent individual tracks. There are gems to be found, believe me.


If you collect non album tracks from your favorite artists you will have more or less at least one "new" album by them.


I can highly recommend you to track down individual tracks by these artists:



Etnica (the 1995-1998 tracks)

Gappeq (2003-2006)

Hallucinogen (1995-1997)

Hallucinogen (1998-2007)

Jaia (2001-2006)

Koxbox & Psychopod (1995-1998)

Koxbox & Saikopod (2000-2007)


Pleiadians (1995-1997)

Simon Posfords trance collaborations (1994-2007, 25 tracks)

Slinky Wizard (1994-1997)

Snake Thing (1996-1998)

The Infinity Project (1994-1997, you will be amazed by how many tracks they have released)

Total Eclipse (1994-1996, pure magic, better than their albums from the same era)

Underhead (1996-1997)


You will not regret collecting these individual tracks.



Second recommendation


Make your own compilations of tracks. Focus on a sound or vibe you like and gather tracks that fit that theme.


I have made compilations that fit August nights (my favorite time of the year) and the autumn in general.



Third recommendation


Since I am a CD collector there are vinyl gems to be found.


At the moment I am focusing on labels such as Twisted, Flying Rhino, Dragonfly and Blue Room. I track down tracks that have only been released on vinyl and not on the labels CD albums or compilations. Then I arrange the tracks into new compilations based on year since the sound changes over the years.




Happy track hunting!

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thanks you guys really appreciate your links (fluf) will check them out, thank the waves of energy(god) for ektoplasm

great idea trolsk, i do have most of the tracks from what you have listed, but will look again in case have missed some.

don't know much about underhead, though i have some of the comps they have contributed to including the infinity mix, will def look into them.

have never heard neum before, will check it out

never heard gappeq either, thanks, or abakus(slipped under the radar) isn't he a relative of one of the kinks?

snake thing forgoten about him


keep em coming please, bordem is starting to subside

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