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Searching for a Track!

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Hello, I'm searching for a Goa / Full On track that I heard 2 years ago on a Goa Party and I unfortunately forgot to ask the DJ for the Titel of that Track, the track must be at least 2 years old.

It always comes back a sample from the movie K-Pax, while Kevin Spacy and his Doctor (Jeff Bridges)sitting in the office and Kevin shows him like the alien language on K-Pax is spoken, but only a few seconds, and in the course of the song the sample will ever be repeated.

Anyone an idea?

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Here's a list of the tracks I know of that have K-Pax samples. It may or may not be one of these:


Kemic-Al - Peace On Earth (Remix)

Krunch - Food

Logic Bomb - Future Uncertain

Logic Bomb - Marauder

M-Klome - Light Travels

Mr Peculiar Vs Menog - Beach

Sun Control Species - Daydreamer (Blue MD Remix)

Tikal - The World Is Yours

Vibra - Arcada

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