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Elea - Stellar Connection

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Elea - Stellar Connection (Space Tepee Music)


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Press Release:


A mystic journey from ethnic Progressive to morning Trance

Elea is back, with a fourth album, Stellar Connection, a trip through space and organic atmospheric sounds.

This time, the duo dives into the mysticism of Psychedelic Progressive Trance, exploring the Elfic world and its language, gliding up through the cosmos to unknown constellations.

A huge work of transformation on the voice of Elea Goa and the flutes of Swann, the duo is contantly experimenting with new technologies, bringing new ways to view music. They will apply this in their new live show, with spectacular live effects of vocal and flute transforming, and of course their well known punchy percussions.

If you're anything like me, you probably think that "progressive" is a synonym for "dull". Why did I buy this, then? Well, whereas most progressive trance sounds cold and sterile, the progressive bits of Stellar Connection sound warm and organic. Even with the above borne in mind, it would be a mistake to dismiss this as simply another progressive CD - in fact the album covers a lot of territory, opening with some lush ethno-chill and gradually working its way to spacey old-school acid, and (almost) back again. Read on...


Tracks (click titles for Saiko Sounds sample):


1) Elfic Mantra 9:23


As mentioned above, the album opens with some pretty straightforward chillout, albeit with a powerful bassline - think Life2, or maybe Spiral Empire if it were set on a tropical beach instead of in the vacuum of space. The most standout feature of this track is the vocals. Like many here I'm not usually a fan of vocals in trance, but these are actually really nice; breathy, hypnotic and mercifully incomprehensible, what with being written in Elfic language (it says here).


2) When the World was New 7:55


"Let me show you something that'll make you feel... young, as when the world was new." After a warm intro that sounds like the musical equivalent of a sunrise, this track largely revolves around a stomping bassline which demands to be played loud at an outdoor festival. It's also got some sweet melodies and long, drawn-out cadences. This is exactly what progressive trance should sound like.


3) Onyx 8:16


Onyx is built around an anxious-sounding repeated chord sequence of four chords. Apart from being liberally sprinkled with more samples from The Wrath of Khan, its most distinctive feature is the flute, both for the main melody and the great crescendo of trills which takes place during an extended break.


4) Selamat Pagi 7:19


Apparently, "Selamat Pagi" means "good morning" in Balinese. Although similar in ways to the preceding two tracks (in particular having the same tempo), the ethnic chanting and otherworldly noises give this track a more chilled-out, less dancefloor-friendly vibe.


5) Alderande 11:34


Another flute-heavy, atmospheric piece up next, and the Elfic vocals are back too, albeit sounding more forlorn than before. Despite being over eleven and a half minutes long, I tend to find that this track just sort of washes over me; it's pleasant, sure, but pretty forgettable compared to most of the CD.


6) Zion 7:18


And here we have the inevitable collection of samples from the Matrix films. Not the good one, mind, but the other two. Musically this is more progressive trance, less organic and more techy-sounding than what's come before, and repeatedly interrupted by snippets of sixth form pseudo philosophy. Not one of the better tracks in my opinion, but it's possible that I'm just prejudiced against it on account of the Matrix sequels being such steaming piles of cack.


7) Stellar Connection 6:12


Like Zion, the title track has fewer ethno-chill influences than earlier tracks, and has a more mechanical sound that's closer to most of the other progressive acts around. It still sounds better than most prog, but nonetheless fails to be one of the album's more memorable tracks.


8) Andromeda 9:34


This is awesome - a sprawling mass of complicated melodies, bleeps and acid lines, all held together by a funky bassline. My only minor criticism is that it goes on a bit longer than it should without introducing any new ideas towards the end, but given how good it sounds that's hardly a point against it.


9) Suns of Tatooine (Cell's Aeropulsar Remix) 8:48



had little hint of a recognisable time signature, Cell's remix of Suns of Tatooine is held together by a conventional four-on-the-floor beat, but there's still plenty going on to keep it interesting: loads of nice dubby effects, and the off-beat rhythms can still be heard around the half way mark. This is easily the best new chillout tune I've heard so far this year.




Overall: Really, you should buy this. I can't imagine anyone who won't like it - progressive fans will like it, Goa fans will like it, chillout fans will like it, darkpsy fans will like it (or at least, I do), and your mum will like it. Because it's just great. 8.5/10


Favourite Tracks: 1, 2(!), 3, 8(!), 9(!!)

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Exactly! I dont like Goa that much, but this is a kind of sound i want. Such good 10AM(or later) outdoor music.


I'm talking about the slower tracks here. The last track is my favorite, chillout but still with a very active kick, love that!


If anyone knows more sound like that, pm me! (especially the chillout stop & go kick)

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Wow some tracks on this album are so killer!


The opening track has the most superb trancey melody toward the end of the track - and they let it run for a couple minutes or so you can really bliss out on it..


Love it!

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