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Artifakt - Artifakts

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Label: Timecode Records

Catalog#: TCCD004

Format: CD, Mixed

Country: South Africa

Released: Aug 2003

Genre: Electronic

Style: Psy-Trance




1. The Continuity Of Prostitution (5:00)

2. Money (8:46)

3. Mass (6:58)

4. The Pimp (2:14)

5. Gremlins (6:44)

6. Beetle (6:18)

7. Ptolemy I (4:33)

8. Ptolemy II (7:34)

9. Last Laugh (0:38)

10. Coyote (7:06)

11. Thalidomede (2:44)

12. Instant Gratification (11:27)


This album starts in a pretty unusual form for a psy-trance album. When the 1st track The Continuity Of Prostitution started it was more like a new commercial chanting of IM's Duvdev but that was just for a few seconds. Beats and all the galaxy of weird sounds give a nice feel cause they are arranged in a distinct way. And now i can be sure it has something fullonish in it but it's wild and interesting.

2nd track Money. Well the title is also un-psy :blink: We hear a sample form "the fifth element" movie and go on with a nice rhythm and bass :posford:

In this track we have a constant (so as the rest of the album shows) change of weird and nice melodies. Good track.

Mass is a symphony for junkies and even if i'm not the one i like this track a lot.

4th The Pimp a short track full of breaks and suomi-kinda mellow-D. Maybe it's a tribute to Texas Faggot (i'd like it to be that).

Gremlins include samples from "Gremlins" movie (well you can guess it anyway). It's a great driving track with a really beautiful lead. One of my fav's on this whole album.

Track 6 Beetle is a slower one with amazing samples all the way.

Ptolemy I and Ptolemy II the most experimental pieces here. P1 is a technoish monster with fantastic beat :clapping: P2 is again a reminder of suomisaundi.

Last Laugh is a short non-sense track.

10th track Coyote is another winner and boasts with great rhtyhms and samples. Thank you Artifakt for this amazing piece of a dancefloor jacker.

Thalidomede is just a waste of time. What a horrible track.

And the last one Instant Gratification takes the first place for it's creativity and vividness of forms. 10/10 for this track.


Well, this whole album shows that Matthew De Nobrega aka Artifakt is a truly talented musician, though at times too freaky. But i spent great time listening to it and will definately listen to it more and more in the future as i like his style a lot.

7/10 for the whole piece.

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Manuser    248

It's a quite unique album. Experimental psy-trance. The opening track is very good and launches the album perfectly (great bassline). I am surprised there was only one review for this release, if you want something different, playful and influenced by many styles, give this a try. Enjoyable stuff. 

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