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…mushoom trance producer contest…

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Hey Ho!

113 submissions have arrived for our meanwhile fourth mushroom Trance Producer Contest. And again there quite are some promising tracks included.

This time we pronounced our contest in three categories:
Progressive Trance
Chill Out

Until March 23 you can vote for your favourite tracks in each category and win one of 20 mushroom subscriptions besides. Furthermore everybody who participates the voting will receive a discount on our
mushroom special subscription offer which includes up to 10 CDs as well as a special welcome present.

I wish you lots of fun with voting for your favourite tracks and good luck for the raffle.

And off you go for heaps of exciting music!


All the best,

Mat Mushroom
(Publisher mushroom magazine)

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no goatrance category?


shame on you!


The Mushroom magazine comes from Germany. In Germany GoaTrance is very very very very very small. Look at the lineup of the big festivals Liquid Time, Indian Spirit, Psychedelic Circus or last year of VuuV, Antaris and FullMoon. No GoaTrance Acts. No GoaTrance Djs. The chance is bigger that you listen to Techno, Progressive House or Minimal Elektro at a german Goa -Festival. :lol:

And this year many festivals have an extra-darkpsy-floor. :ph34r:

Some organizers write in her entry at goabase, that they have sound for every taste. But they only thinking on FullOn, Progressive and Darkpsy. GoaTrance is canceled in her memory... <_<

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