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So, is The Synthetic Dream Foundation considered as psytrance?


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Well I've heard Tendrils Of Pretty and Behind The Gates Of Horn And Ivory and they both sound psychedelic to me. Both of those albums do have influences ranging from industrial to idm to BigBeat to psytrance and it still sounds psychedelic all the way through imo. It's kinda like dark Juno Reactor.. kinda.


Samples if you've never heard of TSDF before





Anyone have a take on it?

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I remember that group from the times I was still browsing sites like MP3.com...they had a page on there with lots of very nice and darker-edged music. I haven't been listening to any of their stuff for years now, after the collapse of MP3.com. Recommended to any of you who is also into Dark Ambient and so on. Never made the link with Psytrance before though...

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