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Sekhem Em Pet - Trip To The Stars


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Sekhem Em Pet - Trip To The Stars


1.Bitkit - Mystic

2.Re-Animator - Lorena

3.Pleiadians - I Belive

4.The Nomos - The Mask

5.Heterogenesis - Despertando El Espiritu

6.Ibojima - Organic Visions

7.Digicult - All Balls Out

8.Cosmo Circle - Boom

9.Digicult - Brainwash

10.Sine Die - Goa Dra


This is older mix its my favorit till now :D

:drama: :drama: http://hosted.filefront.com/anubisius/ :drama: :drama:


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As he spins goa trance as well? This is weird! Take another name

For u and many others who think that i have stolen something from Anoebis name :


I choose that name becouse anubis is my favorit god from egyptian mytology - that is becouse i love dobermans they look like anubis in face and im waithing this mounts to get one and its my wish to call him anubis.When i first time made one mix i use Anubis like dj name and its Anubis not Anoebis .And yes u have right its not Goa its Psychedelic Morning Goa look under the topic name there is description.

http://www.touregypt.net/ANUBIS.htm here u can see why i love this god :D

sorry for off topic



I don`t know that track i found the album i will download and hear it

tnx :)



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