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Ziptnf - Midnight Complex [full on psy]


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This is my very first set, so be critical. My headphone jack is messed up, so everything was mixed live. I still think the tracklist is good, and while I messed up some transitions, I got better at them towards the end.


Enjoy, and let me know what you think!


1. JFK - Inaugural Speech

2. Bizarre Contact vs Dooper Doopler - System Overload

3. Xerox & Illumination - Battleship

4. Space Cat vs Pixel - Test Frequency

5. Digicult vs Fatalt - The Return

6. GMS vs Pixel - Pixgod

7. Mack - White Sin (Wrecked Machines rmx)

8. Human Blue - Party Deluxe

9. Astrix - Techno Widows (GMS Remix)

10. Space Buddha - Storm Reaction

11. Alien Project vs Orion - Closing In

12. Wizzy Noise ft. John 00 Fleming - Endelehia


Ziptnf - Midnight Complex.mp3 - 106.07MB (78:07)

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Looks nice, downloading right now. :)

Let me know what you think! :)


Personally, I think the tracklist has potential, but the track arrangement needs work, because I would play a really full on song and then a really trancy one, and it kinda killed the vibe. I should have probably started with the trancier tracks and left the slamming ones until the end.


Also, since I was working with only one output, I couldn't cue anything so the mixing was essentially done live. If you notice, I severely fucked up the transition from Pixgod to White Sin. It happens tho <_<

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