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Peace And Love


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Peace And Love


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1. oCeLoT-St. Catherine

2. Unix-Apple Jam

3. Izzumm-On The Edge

4. Furious & Cadans-Traces Of Paganea

5. Furious-Mercano Chill (edited)

6. Timoon-Obsessions

7. Luomuhappo-Seinahullu

8. Timoon-Why Im Here

9. Izzumm-Palaces Of Sunset

10. oCeLoT-Out Of Identity




Wanna listen to some ambient with a hippy attitude?

Then here is Peace And Love. And if the title is a bit cheesy for you then I have to inform you that the music fits perfectly with that description.


All of the tracks are colorful, happy and summer styled!

OceLoT’s tracks are great dreamy downtempo filled with peaceful melodies and gentle percussion. The same with Unix-Apple Jam, although a bit more uptempo.

Izzumm’s On The Edge is the highlight here, an 11 minutes trip filled with… well anything, beautiful melodies, a groovy bass, fractal effects and an undescribable beautiful second half where bass and lead synth cooperate to send you flying! Superb!

Traces Of Paganea is the only track I don’t like that much, slighlty dub not my style.

Furious’ remix to Merkano Chill is as good as the original, not such a huge fan of it though.

Timmon’s both tracks are remind me of some ambient by Free Form records, a bit more psychedelic though.

Luomuhappo is the most hippy track of this compilation. It’s impossible not to think of anything else but sunny beaches when you listen to it and it has a catchy melody too.

Izzumm’s Palaces Of Sunsets is different from On the Edge, filled with live organs, good track not one of my favourites though.


Well if you like something dreamy and colorful you just find it!

Some great psychedelic ambient-downtempo inside and a must listen for Izzumm-On The Edge. Yes, it’s that good!



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