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Overmind - Pandemonium


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You have some really wicked sounds in the track Mate. I really like the vibe.


I hear some mud in the bass freq, right about where the bass and kick meet. Too much delay or reverb in that area, the other thing you might try is shortening the midi notes of your bass line. The panning is really well done, but the first major pan part, could use a little more comp to keep it from jumping out the monitors. Also, your snr/clap has gotten a little lost in the mix, you might want to try it more to the right instead of the left... Pull away some other freqs or some other instruments with eq, and it will come back.


Your first drop is pretty, and after that the snare comes back in strong.... The gregorian chanting is plain AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Wickedly done Mate. Good Form!



After this break though, you can really hear not a crisp bass. Something is wrong in the mix over there. Also, your main dance/lead seq... It sounds squashed. I think you over compressed it. It sound a little lost for dynamix??





A lead like this should have more air to it? Yes? No? Maybe I am wrong.



I can see why you are proud of this track. It is absolutely fantastic!!!!!!!


BUT, your extremely complex assortment of sounds, is making for a very difficult piece to mix.


Definitely sounded a a bit tighter at the end, then the beginning. You really might want to think over some of the compressor work you have done hear, some parts too much, some parts not enough. Using eq, to clean out some more mids here and there, will let the track breathe a little more... Finally, figure out that bass freq... I can't quite place it, but something is causing mud in 220 - 470.....




Great effort! A beautiful piece I really enjoyed. I hope you are ok with the feedback. Definitely a piece to be proud of. I'd like to hear a second mix, when you rest your ears a little.



Cheers Mate

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Thank You very much for this detailed comment. The thing is, this track is almost two years old, and I'm pretty sure that the cubase project name and rendered name are not the same. That means it is going to be bigger effort to find this track in editable state than reparing this track, actually. I am aware of all bad things You noticed yourself (and there are some more you didn't ;) ) and if I ever put myself into the vibe I had, while I was creating this (not to mention I would have to find it first, damn! :) ), I would reproduce it properly. "Pandemonium" deserves it!


Sorry if my english was terrible. Peace!

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