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Abomination - Planet X


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Title: Planet X

Artist: Abomination

Label: 3D Vision

Release: March, 2008



1. No Comission (6:51)

2. Faceoff (7:10)

3. Medejin (7:46)

4. Hunt Again (7:32)

5. Vortex (7:45)

6. Exploding Man (7:55)

7. Planet X (8:52)

8. Fallen Rmx (7:43)

9. Jekyll And Hyde (7:10)

10. Distorting Substance (8:06)



This is Saar Davidov & Eyal Gershon with their 2nd studio album. Their first, Enemy Within was packed with dance floor bombs. They have released a lot of tracks on different compilations. The cover art looks like a flaming meteor hurtling towards another planet. I guess that's ok. Let's get to it!



No Comission- "The laws of physics as best we know them, don't forbid us from traveling back into the past. And when the laws of physics don't forbid something, and...we want to do it, then we usually end up doing it." The metallic synths take control against a wobbly bass. The bass is thick, and their trademark stuttering of the track is in full swing. This one is all out power and there is nothing ambiguous about that. Nice track!



Faceoff- "You wanna hit me? Go for it." The bass line takes center stage here as synths sit patiently in the background as the track rises. The groove is infectious, and the leads now move to the forefront. "I had to think about what I wanted...and what I needed. And now...I don't know who I'm supposed to be." The acid that comes in later is sticky sweet. Again, another power track that is less concerned with making comples synth structures and more about punching you int he face. And that can be good sometimes. Good track!


Madejin- Pads lay the foundation as spindly synths frolic above. The grumbly lead comes out to play, giving way to a frisky bass line.

More power trance with metallic leads, one after the other each trying to outdo the other. This is very good twilight music. There is a sense of foreboding while not losing the very potent dance element! Great track! :posford:



Hunt Again - "How far does it go down? All the way to the pyramid. I'm telling you there is no machine in the world that can get to that depth in 24 hours." These guys made a track called The Hunt on Midnight Storm II which was an absolute cracker. The familiar melody comes in immediately. Fat kicks, scathing leads, and lasers characterize this trip. The samples are well placed and the beat is strong. It takes a lot of stones to revisit a track that was already blistering, I'll tell you. This is loud, fast and it takes no prisoners. More please! :clapping:



Vortex- "You ever feel there is something wrong with the universe? Yeah sure. Well...you're right. Things like this shouldn't happen." Glassy pads shimmer as leads dance seductively over the hi-hat. The metallic leads are back, but they are not alone. The bass is heavy and this track blows through you like a hurricane. The pads keep the ominous feel as more synths flicker about the track.

Power.Full. Great track! :posford:



Exploding Man - "That man...with the glowing hands...he's the exploding man!" This is a collaboration with Regev (Azax Syndrom), so I'm curious to see how this turns out. The screaming string sets the tone while very sticky bass rumbles. Leads bob and weave as the track rises, and then other leads jump into the fray to thicken the track. I didn't really like the drum and kick rolls, but they were brief so with all the other insanity going on, a minor quibble. Wow. This is crushing my skull. :posford:



Planet X - "At the end of time...a moment will come...and the moment will pass. Man will be gone. There will be nothing to show that we were ever here...but stardust." Title track, so as I am fond of saying, time to step up. More minor key pads drop out to reveal a bouncy bass line. The synth arpeggio flutters down the tunnel, as pads greet it with caution. A scrambling lead tries to crawl from the depths, infecting all who dare to listen. The pads lightly tread on the surface of this planet, not wanting to fall through as the above sample is uttered. A different lead becomes the alpha lead and lays waste to all it surveys. Again, the only problem I have with this track is the build up that is way to...clich'e. Good track though!



Fallen (Rmx)- Obviously this is a remix of the track from their first album. Oooh those pads are so sweet! The percussion allows the base to pound right to the forefront. When the beat drops on the word Fallen, it is bliss. The leads set the tone, they do their thing and the rough percussion grounds out the bottom end. There is a lot going on in this track, but the beat remains very heavy with some glitch thrown in there. But, once again, the kick rolls take what would've been a stellar track and turn it into just a very good track. Stop it. Use your imagination and come up with something better to make a bridge. Others do it, you can too.



Jeckyll and Hyde- "The woman sitting opposite you is Kathryn Rymar. She's a psychiatric nurse with experience in...related areas. She is fully apprised of the situation and yes she can be trusted. If you approve, she's coming to work for us. For both of us. She won't take sides. Please consider it. We can't go on the way we've been going. In the event she decides to release you from the chair, the cameras are on. You know the rules." Very cool sample which makes me feel nervous. Leads pop in and out, with plenty of other sounds to widen the track. The groove is catchy, with me bobbing my head as the lead screeches above. The break brings another sample while another lead stays the course. You can feel the track growing, as the melody gets stronger, and then BAM! right into another break. The leads trade places and bloody hell this one hits hard! Very good track! :posford:



Distorting Substance- "Excuse me sir...stop what you are doing at once!" Wow, what a ride it has been so far. I like this electro/glitch start. The bass is thunderous, and you can feel it in your chest. When the bass line comes in, it rambles, creating a nice feel. Funky laser to stab transfer! One lead starts then is quickly joined by another and then a third creating havoc on the ears. The break has a techno feel with sample manipulation. Some parts of this track were good, and some were slightly annoying.



Conclusion:- Whew. There is no confusing this with the elaborate concept albums like U-recken or Mr. Peculiar. You know what you are going to get when you put this on, and it doesn't deviate from the formula. And that is good, because it works. This is music that kicks you in the nuts, robs you, and then sleeps with your girlfriend. Pure power with very fat kicks, heavy bass and searing leads. These guys are good at what they do. IF I could improve it at all it would be to get rid of those kcik drum rolls to a climax. Some may say that it sounds the same, and to that I would say, when you're dancing around like a maniac, are you really looking for deep complexities? I thought not. Awesome ride. This was a worthy sequel to Enemy Within. 9.2/10



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Better than the Enemy Within IMO.

It focuses more on the melodies, all the tracks have at least one lead synth that is catchy and powerful.

Best track is of course the collaboration with Azax Syndrom in the Exploding Man track. Great leads, great flow, very well done track!

Another highlights are Medejin, Planet X and Jekyll And Hyde.

The last track is kind of cheesy only compared to the others, but have some nice morning melodies to keep you happy.


Plus the mastering is top notch!


Really nice!!!

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  • 7 years later...

Listening to this with "fresh" ears and I have to say a little bit of the shine has come off the diamond. More than a little actually. It's quite a good indicator where they eventually wound up with their 3rd album. And that is not a good place. What I once thought was pounding good night time psytrance is now commercial full-on with dark tendencies. Not bad, but nowhere near as good as I remembered it to be. Galloping bass lines, build ups, samples thrown in...


I condemn you to mediocrity.

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