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to all the greek psynewsers

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I'm hoping to reach the greek ppl going to the boom, but do please keep on reading before you go agia_igoumeni style on me.


I've been trying to figure out what the cheapest way is to fly from brussels (or amsterdam) to corfu (kerkira), and also from anywhere in greece to anywhere in portugal. i know ryanair doesn't fly to greece (why?????) but maybe there's some other magica lmystery airline that will transport me and hopefully get me to my destination alive.

i mean all these greek hippies at the boom didn't seem overly wealthy so there has to be a way




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from what i ve seen in european capitals' tour offices they have very good deals for flying to corfu (i assume charter flights).. they usually come with some days booked in a hotel (usually not a very good one, but not a shithole) and the whole thing might be cheaper than flying to athens and then to corfu. seriously.. i ve paid 200 euros to fly from london to athens when i could have gone for a 7 day stay in corfu for less money. so i guess its worth checking out if you plan to stay at corfu but havent aranged accomodation yet ;)


ryanair is doing milan - porto flights.. not sure if its convenient for you though, i have no idea where boom is taking place btw ;)

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