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Sensient - Zone Effect Ep


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Artist.....: Sensient

Album......: Zone Effect EP

Type.......: EP

Genre......: Psychedelic

Style......: Progressive Psytrance

Label......: Zenon Records

CatalogNr..: ZENCD010

Url........: http://www.zenonrecords.com/

Rel.date...: 28.01.2008

Str.date...: 07.08.2007

Source.....: WEB > WAVE

Grabber....: Unknown

Encoder....: Lame 3.97 -V 2 --vbr-new

Quality....: VBRkbps / 44.1kHz / Joint-Stereo

Tracks.....: 2

Size.......: 28.34 MB

Length.....: 19:10





01. Zone Effect (Original Mix) 09:41

02. Sidestep (Original Mix) 09:29


Hello boys and girls who swim in tech waters.

Long time no review from me. Lot of work to do, etc, etc.

After many releases starting in 2008 this one is real refreshment for me. I got a release to listen from my very good friend, 'cause he knows that I like tech trance and night progress and after I read that it's Sensient CD I became more impatient to hear it.


1. Zone Effect


SOOOOOOOOO DRY and have great groove. It starts like a bit faster tech house with vocal sample. One of those that your mind creates on your will. You know for sure, when you're on the party and music flows and you hear one of those cut vocals that plays in loop and create some word, which actually exist just in your head. A moment of psychedelic part breaks the illusion of a house part, no matter the beat and it's like he announced harder style which is more closer to tech trance then tech house, but with progressive groove line. And GO! Like reversed kick, bassline does the PUMPING!!!

It's still dry, but has a great psychedelic connection with upcoming FXs which constantly go round and round and make this drive more perfect. Like factory atmosphere. Put it, put it, put it... Breaks in tracks are simple and that's how it should be. The point of this kind of style is the story & simplicity. I don't like upcoming vocal after 7th minute, but this is the only thing that I animadvert, so, not that big deal. Pretty Super track!


2. SideStep


Dirty Splash Distortion with dark atmosphere. Ummmmmmmmm I like it already. After first track, second must be THAT in case of EP! And more pumpin' bass (feels like other kick) that from the first track tells me that I'm not wrong. Again, plays with FXs that actually tell you a story. That's what I like in that kind of style. No melodies (which doesn't mean that I don't like melodies) to explain what artists have to say. Very rhythmic and dance. Like in tunnel, a Jungle. Definetly, this is minimal music and review should be minimal, 'cause some music must be heard to get the point of it where some music can be described with words.

From 5th minute great break and confusing moment till 5:39 where upcoming female vocal totally lift up the atmosphere and make ecstasy in the track. How can the same beat from start make a better drive? Knowingly for sure, like he have 26 years of experience not life.

End of track is one of those I like to call "make it easier for a DJ to mix it up with the next one" and that kind of ending I respect and like.


Because of the vocal at 7th minute in the first track: 9/10


Review by Lara

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Solid techy feel to these tracks. They may not appeal to everyone, but Sensient is clearly proud of the sound he's after. Worth a long look.


Actually Zenon as a label has been releasing tracks at or near the top of the genre for the last little while now, and this work continues that progress.

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