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303 Softsynth Comparison

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The originals sound pretty close to the D16 Emulations


I'd have to agree with ReBirth being a great contender, they do have a point. Its not as bad as people say it may be.


Recording in ReBirth is a bit of a pain if your not experienced with it like me lol




G - Sonique Alien 303 has a great 303 sound to it aswell =)

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acidkills, what can you suggest as replacement of malstorm for granular synthesis? Camel Audio Alchemy?



There has been a lot of people asking for Reason based instruments to be VSTi, but nothing compares really.


The Propellerhead could allow VSTi implementation into reason, but i think that may be where Record comes in handy.


I have read Subtractor and Malstrom are the most popular with searchers.

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