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artha - live set at toga party in poland - 01.09.2007 [goa-trance]

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Up to par with your last set, and just as awesome if not more! Everyone should hear this, its a plethora of the melodic goa sounds we love.


What do you produce with, and how long have these tracks been working on tracks like this?

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hello :-)


i have 4 you my second live-set - from toga's party in poland


check :









WOW.. dude 4 thumbs up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :)

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most tracks are in buzztracker, but some are already in changed software on ableton live... how long to produce these tracks... hmmmm... sometimes fast, sometimes very slow, you know. in hours : i think that 24 per track is good time. sometimes i spent many time to find the sound for solo lines and other... sometimes i looking for any fx'es - many many hours searching on my hdd... i have some my patents to create some sounds and dimension in tracks... to produce i use only: pc, sequence editor, vsti ,vst, studio monitors and midi keyboard... i haven't any hardware synthesizers yet. some history... i spend my time with music from 1993 :) began on c64 :) all the best

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