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NEW YEARS GATHERING 07'08 - Byron bay Aus - Feat: Electrypnose

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ELECTRYPNOSE Live (digital psionics) Switzerland

Vince Le Barde - Electrypnose - is a psytrance / psychill / electronica producer since 2k1. Since the begining of the project, he released about 100 tracks through different labels. (under electrypnose and cerebral factory, a side project) From intellitrance (hard night & morning) to disturbed noise, passing by progressive, electro, chillout & experimental beats, electrypnose explores a large variety of electronic music styles and travels all around to share his work and time with the comunity. We will be blessed with 3 live sets from Electrpnose, so no one will miss out Wink



DARK NEBULA Live (digital psionics) Byron Bay

Luna Orbit is the name of the DJ and Creative force behind Dark Nebula. Luna Orbit has been playing Psy-Trance to dancers for the past 10 years. His experience has enabled him to tap this information, creating authentic sounds into a solid trance frame. Dark Nebula evolved out of the Digital Psionics Studio based in Byron Bay, Australia in 1998. Dark Nebula is a unique sound, trademarked by an innovative, original style. Dark nebula has had great success with 6 albums and many releases on compilations around the globe releasing on labels like Parvati, Spirit Zone, Space Tribe Music, Temple Twisters, Northern Psylight, Digital Distortion, Inpsyde media, Sundance, Digital Psionics to name a few. Dark nebula has built a strong reputation with powerful live sets playing at parties across the globe such as Boom Festival (Portugal) and Sonica (Italy). With the recent Dark Nebula album 'Sacred Scars' hot on his tail, Dark Nebula can be expected to bring you a full powered ride of your life, with his amazing live set and dj performance



PRODUCT PLACEMENT Live (cosmic conspiracy) Cairns Product Placement, is music forged from a unique blend of ancient instrumental grooves with futuristic synthesized technologies of sound manipulation. This minimal-style psytrance takes the viewer on a journey throughout deep tribal soundscapes with powerful low-end basslines and driving percussion.




PSYBORIGINAL Live (digital psionics) Sydney

Psyboriginal is Marc Freund from Sydney, Australia Since 2004, his live sets have focused on spawning an environment conducive for explosive, energetic, and sometimes unpredictable trancefloor reverberations. The Psybo-sound depicts that indescribable moment between night and day- ethereal and uplifting to bring in the morning, yet mysterious and menacing enough to wreck nocturnal havoc.



SIAQUA Live Melbourne

Tom and Pete finally met, during the early days of Psy-trance in Australia. It was the year 1999. At a dark, dirty rave. The two bumped into each other through the meistro Zlatko of the New New Order. Their first big break offered by Earthcore. Who through the boys a lifeline at their festival. They have no idea what kind of roller coaster ride they were in for. From Byron to India, Siaqua quickly swept through the psy-trance scene. The latest collection of killer tunes are set to explode next year as the duo prepare to finally release their first album. After years of practice and observation, they have tapped into the secret magic energy of the outdoor dance scene to bring about the next schnitzel sensations that will rock your dance floors! BRING IT ON! Reshpect to all those schnitzel peeps out there!


FRANNY DJ (sundance/up records/demon tea)




VOLT (loony tunez)


TANTRUM (fungipsyde records/loony tunez)


JOLE (loony tunez)


MANARCHY vs SKETI(alien gossip vs cosmic crockpot)


FOOT-E (biosine)


GUI (loony tunez)


URL GREY (hytea)




plus more tba

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Heard mi bro is going to be playing there too!!! :)


anyways vince le barde will def bang the place down.

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