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Nomis side project - Lava

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Hi there....


I haved worked now and then on some progressive and elektro stuff and i call the projekt 'lava'

I did a mix of the tracks i have done and would like you to hear it....


I tried to keep it a bit old school and about 130 bpm, but with psytrance influences.


Its a big download but its a 42 minutes mix... the size is about 60 megabytes (192 kbps)


Hope you like it and please leave your opinion for me here....


Lava mix

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Hey mate. Thread shud be in music promo, but mods will take care of dat ;)


Lovely set!! Really like this groovy minimal goin on! I'm at 9th minute rite now, and this music is just what I need on a sunday night. Aight, hitting the resume button now... :)

Yep, sorry about the misplacement, please move this thread to the right section mods, and sorry again :)


Wow thanks man, really nice to hear your opinion. This genre is totally new territory for me and positive feedback like yours is just what i need :D


Really glad you like it :)

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I bet u used Reaktor for one of your songs? I get the feeling some sounds come out of it. Very nice Set, and very nice music. Maybe a tracklist?

hmmm. not as far as i remember but maybe i used a bass sample for a bass. Cant remember really.

I mostly used my moog, x0xbox, virus and samples.


I will post the tracklist tomorrow or the day after :)

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