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Twisted DVD Available Now

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Artist: Various

Title: Twisted DVD and Bonus Audio CD




Twisted Event


Younger Brother 'I Am A Freak'

Hallucinogen 'Shabby Trance'

Shpongle 'Outer Shpongolia'

Prometheus 'Arcadia Magik'

Transwave 'Land Of Freedom'

Koxbox 'Side FX'





Younger Brother

Raja Ram







In The Studio With


Simon Posford

Benji Vaughan


Frank 'e' Madsen



Hall Of Fame


See Below


DJ and Vj Mix


Ott's Levitating Turtle DJ Mix


Bonus Material


See Below


Bonus Audio CD


See Below



In July 1996, Twisted Records was born with the release of the first single ‘Deranger’. The first sound Twisted ever made was ‘I’m going to lead you, kicking and screaming, giggling and laughing into the future…’


This self fulfilled prophecy has been realised with the creation of the Twisted 10 Year Anniversary DVD. Based largely on the Twisted Anniversary party on the 27th of October 2006 in London, a Halloween fancy dress extravaganza where almost all of the artists associated with Twisted over the years played their part and 2300 people turned up dressed even freakier than usual. This made quite a spectacle as you can probably imagine. The whole event was filmed and photographed with some of the best bits making it onto this DVD.



You’ll find a selection of prime dance floor moments including unreleased tracks performed LIVE by Hallucinogen, Transwave, and Younger Brother and some recent releases from the likes of Prometheus, Shpongle and Koxbox. Re-live the experience of the Twisted Anniversary or enjoy it for the first time if you were one of the many who couldn’t get tickets for this landmark event in our history.



Interviews with Hallucinogen, Younger Brother, Raja Ram, Tristan, Prometheus, Koxbox & Dado give you an insight into the personalities, motives & mindstates behind the music.



As an added bonus for you techies you can see how they work their magic with special studio tours from Simon Posford, Benji Vaughan, Ott, Koxbox and Dado. For the first time, these secretive characters give you a proper glimpse of their methods and machinery.



There are photographs galore of all the weird and wonderful characters and costumes that appeared on the night which can be found as a slideshow on the DVD. This is the Twisted Hall of Fame. Find your friends amongst the melee whilst listening to classic music from the label. Reminisce on the crazy faces that flashed past you that night or be amazed at the effort and colour in the crowd. These are the faces that have supported our label over the years and they have gone down in the hall of fame.


DJ & VJ Mix

Ott’s Levitating Turtle DJ Mix is a 45 minute unique blend of Twisted downtempo classics set in time to some top quality VJing from Inside-Us-All. Sit back at home and bliss out to your favorite tracks with some seriously stimulating visuals.



Unreleased Hallucinogen LSD Video

Big Tits Time Lapse




This is a bonus cd of unreleased tracks and live mixes of released tracks to satisfy your need for a hour of nothing but sound. An excellent addition to the collection or to the DJ case. It includes unreleased tracks from Hallucinogen, Younger Brother, Ott, & Audio Chemists (Simon Posford and Joti Sidhu), a special live mix of a classic track from Transwave and a live mix from Koxbox’s latest album. There are also some tracks taken from the Prometheus and Shpongle sets at the party.




Just pre-ordered my copy on the Twisted website and, by doing so, made a saving on the regular price and will have it shipped on July 20th, a week before it's available in the shops.


Can't wait to watch it. ^_^

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