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A TRiP Retrospective


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To get in touch with the TRiP crew try contacting Lurk... As I recall the same people were involved in the Psubliminal Psychedelia parties in the 90s and I've seen them about at parties and festivals a few times recently.

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ah the memories!


i'm still in contact with Jason, Jon, Ron & Chris (was just at sonica with all apart from Jon), who, as colin said started out doing the psubliminal psychedelia parties, and then founded the TRiP site on the back of that. They had big plans for the site to cover all facets of the psytrancers life under the umbrella of third-eye.org, but i think time, money and the prohibitive technology of the day got in their way. Then jason moved overseas to australia and left the TRiP project behind, and the site sank under the weight of flamewars and the fact that sites like psynews were using the latest software.


anyways, i'm going to pass this url on to Jason, i'm sure he'll be chuffed that people still remember the place :)

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