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acidkills - Under the lotus feet


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67 Mb, 44100 sample rate, 128 kbpsy, true stereo.

Enjoy chill and relax.

Comments are welcome.



Posted Image

Posted Image


Here u can copythe playlist if u wish..


Fiord - Hybrid

Kooler - Harold And Maude

Space safari - Have to change

Antix - Little honey (sun control vs. osiris rmx)

The Rockitmen - Elephants boogie

Atmos - Metro De Luxe (Original Album Version)

Frogacult - All seasons (freqs third rmx)

Pope Of Gegga - The Revenge Of Angulimala

Tegma - 50.000 watts

Vibrasphere - Floating free

Ticon - Rip it up

Kooler - Awake

Son Kite - Aiwana

Haldolium - Be Real

Phony Orphants - Xlnt

Prosper- Neuroscience

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:-) Well actually the whole mix is on just two decks but I know it sounds like its on three. Share some techniques... Well I dont know what to say and how to describe what Im doing, maybe its best u wait a bit to see my live TV show then u will know how it is done.

Such a nice comment, thank u very much

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nice mix, so far so good!


Interesting, and unique technique! ;)


Great tracks! You know I love'em!




*side note: watching the guys in Mike's sig bob to the music :lol:*

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