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|||||||||||||||||Dragons are still alive||||||||||||||||||||


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we are Kalki from india n Yawning master from serbia.

we are very happy to present our first psychedelic tracks 'Dragons are still alive'.we have worked so hard to make it sound good.n we had lots of fun working together.its a dark psy with killing sounds of draggons.

real sounds of dragons recorded from my backyard jungle :D. "They are back for more!!!".


we welcome critisism n rewievs


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Promising title.

The track's structure is nice.

You guys have to invest some money for the production.

The mix sounds a bit overclipped.

Not so clear sound.

I love the bassline.Nice and uplifting.

Thanks for sharing.

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Really like the beggining

Great roars there.

Really hard kick, like that :)

The melodies in the beggining are nice, atmospheric and not too evil.

In the beggining I thought the track would evolve into something atmospheric and emotional. But it evolved to just another darkpsy track.

sorry, but the beggining kinda swindled me.


I dont like the guitars, imo it doesnt fit the track. I would insert a nice bubbling synth instead :P But thats my personal taste, i dont really like psyguitars.

Bassline sounds nice, hard and powerfull.


The overall sound is abit clippy as said.


This track didnt fit me, but it sounds wellproduced.

Keep it up guys!



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